You’ve had an interview – Now bag yourself the job

by | 18.09.20

Everyone knows that you should get to an interview 10 minutes before you are due. Most people also know there is a lot they should and shouldn’t do during an interview if they want to make the best impression. But how you handle the post interview process is just as important as how you performed during the actual interview. Here is some tips on things you should do after an interview to get a job offer.

Ask how you should follow up

Before you head out of the door you should ask the interviewer two important questions. Firstly you should ask when do they anticipate making a decision. Secondly you should establish who you should follow up with, when you should do so and how.


Know who you are dealing with

Before leaving the interview, you should ensure you have the interviewers business card. If you don’t get one ask the receptionist for the full name and email address of the person who interviewed you.


Put some distance between you and the interviewer

Once you leave the building you have been interviewed in get away from the area quickly. You don’t want to bump into the interviewer on the street it could cause both of you embarrassment.


Analyse your performance

It is important that you review every details of the interview. Ask yourself “what did I do well and how did the interviewer react” if there was something you feel you did not answer strongly or clearly enough you may want to clarify your answer by sending an email to the interviewer.


Ask yourself how you felt about the Company

Is this the right job for you? This question needs to be answered. You don’t take a job for a week or two, it is a long term commitment therefore there is no point in going any further if you don’t like the role. You don’t want to take a role which isn’t fulfilling and leave soon after.


Write down your thoughts about the role

Write a list of the positive things about the role you have been for, then write a list of the negatives. Additionally write down what you were told about the position and the Company. All these notes will help you if you get a second interview. 


If you have used an Agency ask them for follow up

If you have secured your interview through an Employment Agency make sure you give them feedback on how it went. They will follow up the interview for you and provide you with information on the next stage process.


Write a fantastic thank you email

You should send a thank you note to the interviewer by email on the same day if your interview was in the morning and by the next morning if your interview was in the afternoon. When writing a thankyou note recap on some of the things you believe make you suitable for the role and address any questions you were given that you did not feel you answered well.

Personalise a thank you email for each person you met

It is really important to send a separate, personalised email to each person you met at the interview. Don’t think “one fits all”. If the letters are identical and are compared you definitely won’t get the job. Try to impress everyone you meet as they will all be party to the decision making process.


Consider what thank you you send

Generally an email thankyou note will suffice, particularly if you have had a telephone or video link interview. If you have had a face to face more traditional interview it’s worth considering sending a thank you card. You’ll stand out from the rest this way.


Send a tailored Linkedin connection request

Why not send a Linkedin connection request a day or two after you have sent your email thankyou note. Your personal message needs to concisely express your gratitude for the interviewers time and your interest in the role.


Keep looking for a job

Even if you think you “killed it” in the interview do not stop your job search. Nothing is guaranteed in an interview unless they make you a job offer on the spot. If the interview went well and you think you’d fit in well with that particular Company look at similar businesses in the area and see if they are recruiting 


Pace your subsequent follow-ups

You should pace your follow-ups with the time line you asked for after your interview. If you were told you would receive an answer within the week you don’t you have every right to chase the employer after this if you haven’t heard anything. Its simply not fair of them to keep you hanging on.

If you don’t get the job thank the interviewer for their time

If is always a good idea to follow up after hearing that you didn’t get a job with a cordial “thank you anyway” email. You may get feedback on how you performed in the interview which could help you in the future. Furthermore they could remember you if another role comes up.


It’s a really really tough market out there so you need to work hard to secure a job offer. Small things matter, you want to stand out from the rest and nowadays a little thought and a bit of effort is really noticed by employers.


Good Luck