How to sell yourself to an employer

by | 28.06.24

When you hear the term ‘selling yourself’ in a job interview it means telling the employer exactly why you would be an asset to the Company.  You will be familiar with the idea of selling a product but in an interview you need to remember the product is you.  So make sure you are a candidate that will be remembered.  Here are some tips

Ask good questions

At some point in the interview you will be allowed to ask questions.  Make sure you think about what questions you are going to ask before the interview and during the interview make a mental note of things you would like clarified.

Practice talking about yourself

For some people talking about themselves comes naturally, but for others it can feel awkward.  There is a time and place to be humble but an interview isn’t it.  Don’t hold back when talking about yourself, sell your skills and experience, also make them like you.

Show enthusiasm

You would be surprised at how much enthusiasm about the job you are applying for matters.  Employers want people who are naturally motivated.  It doesn’t matter if you have terrific qualifications if you do not appear interested in the job you are not going to be offered it.

Brag about your achievements

It’s one thing to say you have been successful in previous jobs but its another to provide concrete examples.  Most people selling themselves in a job interview will say they work hard, don’t just say that give examples of how hard you work, perhaps you get in early or stay late to achieve projects, if so brag about it.

Know what the employer wants

It’s not all about you.  Read the job description carefully and ensure you know what is needed to do the job.  If you focus on what the employer wants you can explain how you fit the brief and how your qualifications and experience would allow you to successfully do the job.

Don’t be a bore

Have you ever had to listen to someone tell a long boring story? If you have there is a good chance you can’t remember a thing they said, you just remember how they rambled on.  Don’t tell the interviewer every detail of your career, keep your answers concise and to the point

Don’t forget to smile

It sounds cheesy but smiling makes a big difference.  No one wants to work with someone with a face like a smacked bum.  A warm smile can make you stand out from the crowd.  Interviews are serious but that doesn’t mean you can’t be pleasant.  Not only that, but smiling will help you feel more relaxed and confident.

Watch your body language

In additional to smiling pay attention to your body language.  Confidence is incredibly important when trying to sell yourself in an interview.  That means standing with a straight back, holding your head high and giving a solid handshake.  Eye contact throughout the interview is crucial too.


Know your CV

Make sure you review your CV before going for an interview.  I know you probably wrote it yourself but it’s easy to forget what details you included.  To avoid embarrassment make sure you look at it as you never know what questions you will be asked about it.

Dress to impress

What you wear makes a difference during a job interview.  Arriving in casual clothes isn’t the best look.  You want to make a great impression and clothing is an effective way to do this.  You can’t do much better than formal business attire, it always makes a good first impression.

So to wrap up selling yourself in an interview is really important.  In order to get a job you need to convince the employer you are someone they want to employ.  Just having the right skills, experience and qualifications doesn’t hack it, you also need to stand out from the crowd.

Good luck