Did your interview go well (or badly)

by | 21.06.24

At the end of an interview you will always try to figure out in your mind how it went and whether you are going to get a second interview or even a job offer.  The person who interviewed you will always gives out key signs of how they felt about you.  The signs will be in the person’s mannerisms, attitude and questions they ask you.  These are some common signs that will tell you if the interview went well or badly.

It was a long interview

A strong interview will last for the entire period allocated which is usually an hour.  If the interview goes on even longer you know your in with a good chance of getting the job.

You were introduced to other staff members

When the person who is interviewing you believes your personality, experience and skills match their teams they may well introduce you to other employees and show you around the office.  This is a really good sign.

You have done your homework

An employer is more likely to make you a job offer if they feel you have researched their Company and have a good understanding of what the job involves and what your responsibilities will be. So make sure you do your homework.

You are given lots of information

If you have impressed in an interview you may be provided with information on the Company perks and benefits that you would be entitled to in order to make you want to work for the Company.  This is a really good sign.

You got on with the interviewer

If the person that interviewed you likes you and feels you would have a lot in common with the line Manager you would be working for then chances are you are going to get a job offer.

You answered questions well

During an interview you are definitely going to be asked questions about your skills and experience in order that you can be assessed correctly.  It is really important if you want to get a job offer that you answer these questions well

The interview was relaxed

If the person who interviewed you was relaxed and didn’t rush you through the interview this typically means they want to get to know you.  This can in turn can make you feel more relaxed and get to know the person better which could result in a job offer.

You were told the next steps in the recruitment process

When the person who interviewed you feels confident about your ability to do the job and fit into the Company they will without doubt tell you what happens next. It could be a second interview or it could be when a decision will be made you.  This tells you that the employer is interested in you.

You are asked about other positions in the Company

When an employer is interested in adding you to their team they may well ask you about other jobs they have in the Company that could suit.  This is a definite sign that they want to employ you one way or another.

You are referred to as part of the team

If an employer is enthusiastic about you as a candidate they very often will picture you as their employee.  This may cause them to prematurely refer to you as part of the team before they have officially offered you the job.  In this case a job offer is definitely on the way.

We could give you hundreds of tips on how to perform in an interview and therefore get a job offer but fundamentally it’s simple.  Look the part, be punctual, do your research and be engaging in the interview.  That way you will not be looking for a job for very long.

Good Luck