Working Locally – What are the benefits

by | 04.06.22

There are many, many wonderful things about working in the local area. More than you probably appreciate. We cover Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North West London and I can promise you there are real benefits to working close to home. Apart from anything else being close to where you live means if there is an emergency at home you can be there in a flash. Here some other reasons why you really should consider local roles:

Some of the best companies are in the local area

Some of the best employers of all time are right here in the local area. For instance, you have Ipsos Mori, Wembley Stadium, Network Housing, Charlie Bingham and Harrow School. If you want a career there are a few better places to work. On top of these major organisations there are many, many smaller companies who offer excellent prospects for their employees.

There are so many jobs

There is pretty much every type of job that exists in the local area. There is no limit as to the type of role you can find. Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North West London is thriving, businesses are growing and prospering, therefore there is an abundance of jobs available, you can virtually take your pick.

The travel isn’t THAT bad!

Local trains and buses may be sweaty and sometimes crammed but they do run on time and on a regular basis and unlike travelling into London it is usually just one train or one bus that will get you to work. Furthermore, the road may be busy but they do move, and we have the M25, M1, A40, A41 and the A5. All these major roads lead somewhere if you can drive to work you have the comfort of sitting in your car, listening to the radio and even making hands – free telephone calls. Furthermore, a large percentage of local firms have parking as well, what more could you ask for.

There is always something happening

Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North West London are buzzing areas, there really is always something going on. There are regular events at Wembley Stadium, the Watford Colosseum, The Palace Theatre and the Watersmeet Theatre. What is even better is that you can easily go home and get washed and changed before you go out which would be very tricky if you worked in London.

Excellent Offices

Alongside some really prestigious local employers there are also some really state of the art offices in the local area with really first-class staff facilities. We are dealing with clients who have on-site gyms, staff restaurant, staff shops and supersonic IT and telephone systems. Staff restrooms often have TVs and top of the range coffee machines, water dispensers and vending machines. Parking is also often provided at local companies which is another perk which you won’t get in London.

Lovely people

There are lots of brilliant people around, I’m not just talking about your workmates I mean local people in general. By working locally, you get know local shop keepers, the people working in coffee shops, the bus driver and the local police. In Harrow for instance there are wonderful buskers who really brighten up your lunch time. In London people don’t even give you the time-of-day never mind a smile.

Lunch time is fantastic

The food scene locally is amazing, lunchtime locally is more than a soggy sandwich, whatever you fancy you should be able to get. In Harrow for instance, we have fish and chips, pizza, kebabs, fried chicken, chinese, noodles, Indian and Italian cakes.  We also have an abundance of sandwich bars selling a variety of healthy and not so healthy food. It’s all here and the cost is much better than you would pay in central London.

Smart or Casual?

Most companies have a reasonable dress code, some will be more formal than others. However local employers tend to be a little more casual than if you were working for a top City organisation. A lot of local companies have “dress down Fridays” we do in our office, and this means that on Friday you can wear what you want within reason – no bikinis though!

Late night shopping

Even if you work late supermarkets are open all-hours and all major Shopping Centres including Watford, Brent Cross, Westfield and the London Designer Outlet at Wembley are open very late. All the shopping areas have the normal high street shops that you would expect, on top of these they have small, local independent shops which you won’t find on Oxford Street . What you wont find locally are tat shops selling souvenirs of London!

There are plenty of jobs available

The local areas are full of job opportunities. If you don’t fancy a  “normal “job, there are many different roles you can apply for. I.e.: Working as a Tour Guide for Warner Brothers at the Harry Potter Studio or maybe at Pinewoods studios which is home to the legendary 007 stage perhaps you would rather work at Elstree Film Studios in Borehamwood where EastEnders is filmed. On top of that you could get a job at Wembley Stadium.  The world is your oyster. If it’s a ‘normal’ job you want they are in abundance, every type of position you can think of. You will also be surprised by the salaries as well; they are often not that different from Central London.

So why spend two hours of your precious time commuting to London every day when the ideal job could on your doorstep just waiting for you to grab it. You won’t be bored working locally we promise you, but you will have more time on your hands and more energy at the end of each day.

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