Working is good for you- Honestly!

by | 30.07.21

There are some people who think having a job is like selling your soul to huge, nasty corporations.  It’s as if rebelling against capitalism makes them look cooler and better.  There are also some people who think if you have a job you can’t possibly have a good life work balance.  Additionally there also lazy individuals who would much rather lay around all day doing nothing.  Regardless of the reasons people don’t want to work, they really should consider getting a job as working is actually good for your health. Research shows people who work past retirement age are healthier than those who give up their job.  Here are some reasons why you really should consider getting out of bed in the morning and getting moving.


You will receive money

Okay let’s get real, unless you live in a monastery or are a hermit living in a cave you need money.  For most people the main benefit of having a job is a wage packet at the end of the month.  Whilst people may argue that money can’t buy happiness, you’ll see some of the widest smiles on people faces when they check their bank account at the end of the month. Having money can provide you with the feeling of stability and security.  It makes life easier and is essential to your survival.  Benefits are not as good as you think they are and by having a job will be able to live the life you want to live.  Although money should not be your only reason for wanting to work, money can make your life more interesting.

You will have a sense of identity

Have you ever been in a social situation when the first thing you are asked is your name and the next thing you’re asked is ‘what do you do for a living’ Although your occupation should not define who you are it does serve as a starting point of conversation with new people and it is part of you.  Saying you are unemployed, jobless or on the dole is not a good conversation starter and could make people view you as a bit of a looser


It keeps your brain active

One of the main benefits of working is that you keep your brain active.  Acquiring new knowledge is one of the most fun and enriching parts of life.  For sure an intellectual challenge is good for you.  One of the main benefits of working is that holding a full time position is a constant stimulation of your mind that will allow you to grow.   Even in the most boring jobs no two days are ever the same.  Most employers are constantly looking at ways to improve their business and technology is ever changing so your brain is going to be constantly challenged.  Plus one of the main benefits of being in work is getting trained on new systems and processes, using your brain also keeps you young.






You can enjoy being independent

Independence is a wonderful thing.  Not having to rely on anyone for anything can really alter your life.  Well having a job can really give you this.  Independence isn’t limited to just financial independence, it also include living life as you want to and making your own decisions.  Earning a living and having your own identity will lead you to the path of independence.

You can make new friends

By working you get to meet new people who could become life long friends.  Having friends at work makes working fun!!.  Your job gives you the opportunity to meet numerous new people who can be either friends, mentors or competitors.  A job will also improve your confidence when dealing with new people.  Working actually improves your social skills and makes you someone people want to be with.


You can improve your knowledge

Your skills may be limited but a job will help you to improve them.  In any role you undertake there will always be the opportunity to learn something new, be it a different way of working or a new software program, all this knowledge will help you in your chosen field.  If you don’t work for a year you will find if you get a job your skills are really outdated.  To keep up to date you need to be in a job.


You don’t become boring

Being at home all day and watching trashy TV sounds wonderful, but when asked what have you been up to what do you say?  Having a job means you have a life outside the four walls of your house.  You have an identity, you also have things to talk about.  It also means that you enjoy your home and family more and have the money to do what you want in your spare time, you can live the life and be interesting at the same time.


You can save for your retirement

You are young and having a wonderful life, but are you giving a thought to your retirement?  Whilst you are young having money may not seem important and you can scrape by on benefits.  When you are older you want to be comfortable and having a job now will ensure you are.  All employers nowadays have pension schemes which means on top of your government pension, which isn’t a kings ransom, you will have a nice private pension which will enable you to live the life when you retire.


You may get perks

Perks!, yeah, it’s a word that everyone who works loves.  Having a job isn’t only about salary, it is more that that.  You will enjoy holiday pay, this is a minimum of 20 days plus 8 days statutory paid leave, your employer will contribute to your pension pot, you could get lunch allowances, discounts on products access to the cycle to work scheme, free parking or possibly a travel allowance.  So do count your perks whilst counting the blessing of having a job.






You are allowed out of work sometimes

No one works 24/7 and 365  days a year, so jobs aren’t that bad are they?  All jobs give you annual leave and pay you at the same time.  There are also other leaves that you are entitled to, paternity and maternity are two really excellent benefits that having a job provides.  Having a job also gives you the resources to enjoy your leave, to book your dream holiday, possible to stay in five star hotels and fly first class.  You can’t do that on benefits.



You have a meaning and purpose

A job is not just about working a few hours.  It’s more than that, working improves you as a person.  Learning new skills, meeting new people and having money in your pocket will give you confidence and certainly help you in fulfilling your purpose.  No matter what you do, whether you are a receptionist or senior manager, you will be adding value to the organisation you are working for.  Having a job will give you the satisfaction, happiness and financial security we all need to be happy.


So, there you go, work really is good for you, never envy the unemployed, don’t think they are living the life, they are not.  You need to work to be fulfilled, so if you don’t have a job at the moment get out there and find yourself one.




Good Luck

Angela Burton