Work “No No’s”

by | 16.12.19

When you are at work, you need to work but you are also only human. The fact that you are human means that sometimes you make mistakes and you do things that you shouldn’t do. Everyone does and it’s not usually a huge problem. But there are some things that you should never ever do at work. They can damage your career and could cause you to lose the respect of your colleagues and most importantly your boss.

Here are some of the things should never do at work:

Use your computer inappropriately

Most bosses don’t mind if you’re using your computer before work or during lunch times to check personal emails or to use the internet to search for your next holiday. They would object though if you were applying for a new job using the Company computer and during work time.

Be Moany

You can moan to your friends and family but moaning at work is a career killer. This doesn’t mean that you can’t complain about work problems, but when you do you should have an action plan to present on how to fix the problem. When you moan, it’s just moaning and moaning makes you look immature.

Give out too much information

Of course you want to be friends with your colleagues. But they don’t need to know all of your business. You may have a lot of drama in your life but oversharing with colleagues is not a good idea. Telling your colleagues you are going through a relationship breakup is okay but sharing every detail about why you are dumping your soon-to-be ex is not. Keep relationships with colleagues professional.

Ignore warnings from your boss

When your boss says you need to be in work on time, they mean it. When your boss says you need to improve your attitude, it needs improving. When your boss says they want you to finish a task before moving onto a new project you had better do as you are told. When you don’t pay attention to warnings you are putting your career on the line

Always say yes

Your boss didn’t employ you because they wanted a robot. You were hired because you had the knowledge, skills and ability to be great in the role you were employed for. This means you need to share your views. If you express your doubts about an idea and your boss says they still want you to do it their way – do it that way.

Anything illegal

This should really not have to be said but some people break the law all the time and they think it is ok. Think about speeding, everyone does it, but don’t do it when you are driving a Company vehicle. Be a stickler for legality in everything you do.

Recommend friends just because they are your friends

Some Companies have employee referral programs and they are great. But don’t recommend a friend just because they are your friend. That could end up as a disaster. Remember it’s not about getting a referral bonus or getting your friend a job. It’s about your reputation. Only recommend someone if you know they would do a good job.

Lose your temper

Your job can be one of the most stressful things in your life. Don’t however let your stress turn to anger that then turns into bad behaviour in the office. Yelling, screaming, punching a wall or verbally attacking a colleague could get you the sack.

We hope that this has helped you, remember if you want to get on in the workplace, like at School, you must behave. Immature or inappropriate behaviour will not move you up the career ladder. Working hard and always being professional will.

Have a wonderful career.