Why you’re not getting a pay rise

by | 13.01.20

It’s coming up to performance review time which hopefully means a pay rise. But before you start spending this extra cash be aware not everyone will get a pay increase. In fact, even if you are doing a good job there may be reasons why you will not get more in your pay packet.

So, before you go into your review meeting expecting to be praised and to get a pay increase think about any blunders you have made in the workplace this year. For instance:

You put in the time – but not the effort

You are in the office in person, but not in practice, you go through the motions but that’s all you do. There is no noticeable effort on your part of an attempt to improve your skills, add value to your employer or take on extra responsibilities.

Your attendance is poor

If an employee can’t be dedicated enough to put in the effort in to come to work, no boss will be able to justify giving them a rise. Obviously if you are really ill you can’t be in work but a little sniffle or a headache is not an excuse for laying in bed.      

You compare yourself to others

When you approach your boss for a pay increase the worst thing you can do and what will definitely mean you won’t get a pay rise is compare yourself to others. To whine and say “David earns more than me” will not impress anyone, it will only show your immaturity.

You can’t demonstrate signs of improvement

In order to be eligible for a raise you have to be able to demonstrate how you have improved your knowledge, skills and abilities. Without improvement why should you get paid more? Your employer needs you to grow in order for the Company to grow and develop.

You are disrespectful

Being inconsiderate to your colleagues and the management team is a sure way not to be given a raise. One bad apple can ruin the bunch in terms of morale and camaraderie. Rewarding toxic behaviour is not going to happen. Disrespectful behaviour is childish, it may even get you the sack.

You are an average worker

Big raises are for above average performance. Some people seem to think that by just showing up and doing an average job is grounds for a major salary increase – but it’s not. If you are looking for a raise better than the annual cost of living – start working now.

You’re not a team player

Some people are really good at what they do, but they work better alone than as part of a team. Although a ‘loner’ can be a real asset to the Company because they’re good at their job they can also be a liability because they won’t work with others. If this is you then it’s unlikely you are going to be the best paid person in the office.

You don’t educate yourself

It’s important for employees to constantly improve in the workplace. Employers don’t always have the time and recourses to train people, so self-improvement is important. If you are not making an effort to improve yourself, you probably aren’t a good investment and unlikely to get a raise.

You threaten to leave

Pay increases are based on performance, not because someone has done the same thing for 20 years and definitely not because you threaten to leave if you don’t get one. This is blackmail. It’s also an indication that you are not a committed employee and will jump ship if a better job offer comes up.

You don’t deliver your best

If you are someone who is holding back and not performing at your best in the workplace no-one is going to give you a raise. It’s harsh but an employer wants their staff to do the job they are paid for to the best of their ability. If you want more money it is important that you put in 100% effort.

You resist change

If you struggle to adapt to change and resist improvements, then you are unlikely to get a pay increase. Employers want people who are prepared to move with the times and adopt new systems and processes that aim to increase business efficiency.

To summarise our advice is take a good look at yourself. In order to be paid well, you need to perform well, there are no half measures. It is up to you to demonstrate you are worth more, that way your boss won’t be able to say no.  

 Good Luck.