Why you should stay in your job?

by | 02.02.23

Many, many people leave their job each month for various reasons, some are valid, some are simply because they are bored or have itchy feet. But from our experience there are many reasons why employees shouldn’t leave a role and these are all centred around whether your employer is worth staying with. Here are some tips on how to recognise a good employer:

Your employer offers learning and career development opportunities

As an employee you should be always looking to learn new skills or tasks. Additionally career growth and development opportunities play a significant role in whether you are happy with your employer or not. If as an employee you feel the Company you are working for is invested in your long term learning, personal and professional goals, you should really stay with them.

Your work-life balance

In recent years, work-life balance has grown to mean something different. Overall work-life balance implies job flexibility, so if your current position allows you to work from home, hybrid working or flexible hours then you really need to consider staying as these type of positions are very rare and you are very unlikely to get the same again.

You trust your employer

If your employer has strong values and really looks after their clients and their employees think seriously before leaving. Integrity and trust are really important in the workplace as it improves morale and performance. A good employer who creates a trusting environment for employees, where if you are unhappy for any reason you can go to your boss and they will work to make things better for you, is worth staying with.

You have a sense of purpose

A good sign that you are happy in a job is that your work has purpose and meaning. If your boss values your hard work and constantly praises you for the contribution you are making then you are definitely working somewhere good. Purpose is most peoples main motivation and is behind any success that comes your way. So if you feel this you are really lucky.

Your employer has a fantastic culture

If you are working in a place where there is no stress and employees rarely leave you are really lucky. A positive culture allows employees to grow and develop, it also lets you display your strengths confidently. It requires effort for an employer to create a positive culture so this type of employer is definitely worth staying with.

You have an emotional investment

If you are passionate about your career and you believe your employer recognises this then definitely stick around. If you have a genuine emotional connection with your job your work will be wonderful and believe me your employer will value you. So why move? It seriously does not make sense to throw away happiness in return for a few pounds more or shorter hours.

You respect your boss

A good boss fosters an environment of trust, if you have a leader you can rely on you know all the effort put into your job is not in vain. If your boss looks after you and always has your back you are really, really lucky. You should be able to trust your leader to make intelligent decisions in terms of your career so why leave?

You are encouraged and recognised

We all appreciate recognition. Recognition brings a rush of good feelings and encourages us to work harder. Additionally any type of reward or encouragement goes a long way. So if this is the culture in your Company don’t walk away. Recognition takes many forms such as bonuses or pay increases, however small thankyou’s such as treating staff to lunch, buying cakes or a box of chocolates are also a thank you. So if this happens in your workplace consider staying.

You feel you belong

As humans we are community-minded by nature. We band together for safety and to feel a sense of belonging. If you work for a company that makes you feel safe and comfortable why would you move? Additionally if you like your work mates, there is a fun atmosphere in the office and everyone gets on why would you consider moving on – you’d be a mug.

You are fairly treated

Whilst money is really important as long as you feel fairly treated it’s not the be all and end all of everything. The pay cheque you receive and the benefits you get are important but happiness comes above that. Any decent employer will respect the fact that hard work deserves fair pay, so generally speaking you may not be in the best paying job around but as long as you feel you are being treated fairly you probably are in the right job.

So to summarise before you decide to leave a job look at the position you are in at the moment and how it could be bettered. Moving doesn’t always mean improvement. There is an old saying “don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire”.

Angela Burton