Why you should not accept a job

by | 07.07.22

Why you should not accept a job

Receiving a job offer is great, but there are times when accepting it might not be the best option for both you and the employer. If you’re uncertain about a job offer keep reading as we’ve outlined several reasons why you should definitely turn it down!

You don’t actually like the job

Sounds simple enough but you’d be surprised how many people accept jobs they know they’ll hate just because they think they have to. If you’re currently in a job you love, the worst thing you can do is accept an offer for a job you won’t like just because it pays an extra couple of thousand pounds a year. You will only regret the decision a few months down the line. Remember – your happiness is a lot more important than how much you’re earning.

You don’t actually like the Company

Maybe you don’t like what the Company do, it could be for ethical reasons or maybe the product or service they provide is simply boring. If you are working in a fast, moving exciting environment you won’t want to move to an organisation where nothing is going on. You need to be stimulated in the workplace so if you don’t think that you are going to get this with this employer then don’t take the job as you definitely won’t be happy.

You didn’t like the person that interviewed you

If you didn’t click with the person that interviewed you don’t take the job. That person could end up as your line manager and if you don’t like them instantly then that’s not going to work out. Anyone who interviews you should be professional, this includes being personable. A good interviewer will also be warm and friendly that way they will make you feel comfortable and welcome. Anyone making you feel uncomfortable should send you strong warning bells so its best to avoid this company no matter how much you like the sound of the job of how much its paying.

You’re filling time

If you’re not actually planning on sticking around for more than a couple of months it may be better to not waste both your and the employer’s time. If you have a couple of months spare and would like to earn some extra money – temp!! There are plenty of Agencies out there who would be happy to help you find commitment free work. It’s also much fairer this way as you won’t be tricking the Company into investing their time and money into you – just let the job go to another candidate who would be happy to commit to them long term. 

You’re desperate

You’ve been unemployed for a couple of months, you’ve been rejected for a few jobs, you’ve run out of money or you just want a job and any job will do. None of these reasons should make you accept a job which you know long term is not going to be right for you. You’ll mess up your CV if you do this and you could seriously alienate any future employer as they may think that you are only joining them because you can’t stick where you are at the moment.

The journey is terrible

The job may be perfect for you, but at the end of the day if it’s too far away or the daily commute is generally a nightmare – it will all end in disaster! You’ll either end up quitting due to the stress of it all or you’ll be fired for turning up late all the time. If you’re able to relocate closer to the new job in the near future then great, go for it! But if not give this job a miss and wait for something else to come along which ticks ALL your boxes!

Long term you can’t afford to take it

It’s the job of your dreams, it’s answering all your prayers but………The employer knows they have a wonderful job on offer and as a result can afford to pay peanuts. Whilst sometimes you may have to take a drop in salary, we all need to receive a liveable salary. We all have bills and regular outgoings and we need to cover these at least and have a bit of a life. So no matter how wonderful the job is if the wage is not going to cover your outgoings and give the life you want you’d best forget it.

Your instinct telling you no

Never underestimate the power of your instinct! If it’s telling you that something isn’t right about the job or the Company making you the offer – don’t just brush it off – sometimes listening to your instinct can be a lot more valuable than listening to your head! Take a few days to consider your options and try to pin-point exactly why you’re feeling this way before you go accepting the role.

You feel that your career would be going backwards

The job is paying a fortune but it would mean doing tasks that you did years ago and you have really moved on since then. Even if you are not really a career person no-one wants to take a step backwards. You’ll be bored, you’ll feel stifled and you’ll feel undervalued. All these feelings will have an effect on your happiness in the long term so there is no point in even considering the role as it will end in heartache.

Not part of your five year plan

If you’ve just graduated in accounts and are planning on pursuing a career in that field don’t go accepting a completely unrelated role just so you can say you’ve got a job. It may take a while to break into your industry, so if you are offered a job doing something completely different from your career goal don’t feel pressured to accept it. You are only young once so stick it out and keep trying.

So there you go – ten reasons not to accept a job. We spend most of our day at work and you need to be in a role where you are happy, where you believe you can be for a long time and where you are earning a salary that you are happy with. Be fussy, you wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes on a whim just because you need them, so why take a job without giving if real thought, it needs to fulfil all of your requirements not just some of them.


Good luck.

Angela Burton 

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