Why work in London?

by | 27.01.20

The Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan – has launched London’s Good Work Standard. Promising to make London the best place to live and work. But can this be done? We believe there are many, many benefits to working in London whether you live in the centre or not. Here are some good reasons:


Fair pay

The national minimum wage is £8.21 per hour, in London most reputable employers pay the London Living Wage which is £10.55 per hour. So, working in London should without a doubt put more money in your wage packet.

Workplace wellbeing

All employers have a duty of care to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of their staff. London employers tend to go the extra mile and offer benefits like gym memberships, cycle to work schemes, flexible working hours and excellent training opportunities

Skills and progression

London has one of the most highly skilled workforces of any City in the world. Most reputable London employers will have clear progression pathways for promotion and pay growth. Training, coaching and development in the workplace is also common in London.

Diversity in the workplace

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, so all employers have a culture of inclusion in how they recruit, train, manage and develop their staff. Reputable employers use fair, open and transparent recruitment processes and encourage applications from underrepresented groups.

The best Companies are in London

We have some of the best Companies of all time in London. Everyone from Google to GlaxoSmithKline has an office here, so your choice of employer is enormous, furthermore if you want to work in the finance or legal sectors the best, biggest and most successful organisations are in London.

Lots of job opportunities

London has got pretty much every job that exists on offer. There is no limit to what type of role you can get if you put your mind to it. There are also 100s of Employment Agencies who would be only willing to try to get you your perfect role

Public Transport

The tube may be a sweaty crammed hell hole at times but it gets you everywhere. You can travel from Wembley to Canary Wharf without changing or from Edgware to Wimbledon without getting out of your seat. Where else could you do this?


Everywhere likes to think they are rather advanced when it comes to technology, but we believe London is top of the league. London transport accepts contactless debit cards as payment so you will never be late to work because you have to top up your Oyster card.

Nights out

Night buses mean that even if your quick drink after work turns into a 7-hour marathon you can still make it home in enough time to get some sleep, we also have the tube which runs 24 hours a day. So, after going out on the town you will always be able to get home.

It’s a happening place

London is constantly buzzing with new openings and events every night of the week. There is always something for you to do, whether it’s a pop-up crazy golf warehouse or a Ghanaian supper club, you definitely won’t be bored if you work in London.

Excellent lunches

The food scene in London has grown and grown over the last few years. Lunchtimes are exciting, you have so much choice, you could go the traditional sandwich shop route, but I promise you there will be exotic fillings available or you could cosy up in a little Bistro – the choice is yours.


It is very likely if you work in London that your walk to and from work will include some amazing historic sights and buildings that tourists travel across the world to see. Every time you turn a corner in London there is something of interest to see.

Everywhere closes late

Even if you get stuck in the office late, shops, bars and restaurants will be open, so you’ll never miss out on after work shopping. Department Stores on Oxford Street don’t close until 10pm and everything is open even later on Thursdays. We promise you; you’ll have fun in London.

We admit we are probably a bit biased, but we generally think working in London is amazing, from fantastic offices, big wage packets, a veritable smorgasbord of lunchtime options and plenty to do after work, we feel very lucky to be based 20 minutes from this great city.

Happy job search.