Why people leave their jobs

by | 29.07.19

Apparently nearly a third of all employees are planning to leave their current jobs in the near future.  This is an astonishing figure – so what’s going on?

Lets start with young workers, 18-40 years old, is it ambition that drives them to look around for a new role or is it something else?  Then you have the 40+ age group, could it be they want a less stressful role, a more meaningful work environment or a better work life balance?

Here are some interesting facts which may interest you:-

Corporate culture is one of the main reasons people want to leave an employer – they just do not like the way the Company operates

Lack of training and development opportunities lead people to look around in order to obtain a position with an employer who invests in their staff.

>Progression, the opportunity of a better job, pushes people to change, many employees will take a pay cut in order to obtain a more fulfilling job.

>Stress in the workplace pushes people to leave, some stress is acceptable but constant stress and targets that can’t be achieved will push employees to seek a new job.

>Feeling undervalued, given no praise or support demotivates employees and eventually they will start looking around for a new position.

>Having a boss who does not seem to care or shows no empathy upsets employees and they are very likely to start looking elsewhere.

>Technology, or rather the lack of it, would push employees to look for a new role, everyone wants efficient tools to be provided in order that they can do a good job.

>Lack of career prospects, not being able to see how they can progress definitely pushes employees to look around in order to see if there is anything better around.

>Burnout is really, really common in the workplace, employees have just had enough, they have no more to give and believe that the time is right to move onto something easier.

>A job which has a negative effect on an employees health will definitely have an impact on their decision to move on and obtain a position they are comfortable in.

>Working for an employer who only cares about profits is a definite turnoff for employees, no-one wants to be a cash cow, anyone would move on from this sort of organisation.

>If a boss doesn’t seem to care about an employees happiness and doesn’t check they are happy in their role on a regular basis eventually if the employee is unhappy they will go out and get a new job.

If you are experiencing any of the above situations there is a good chance you are looking for a new role and frankly we don’t blame you.

Happy Job Search!