Who’s Recruiting?

by | 15.01.21

Coronavirus has affected job security around the world and many people have found themselves unemployed since March last year. So what can you if you find yourself without a job? Well, my advice is look for one. There are many sectors who are definitely looking to recruit right now. Here is a guide to help you, some of them may surprise you!


Customer Service Positions

This may be surprising, but customer service is by far the biggest sector looking to fill roles right now. What is excellent about these positions is that many of them are ‘working at home’ opportunities. As enquiries from clients rise in the face of uncertainty many companies need people to manage incoming calls. Beware of scammers though. Never pay to work for anyone. Some scammers say you need to pay a fee for training and other things. They should be paying you, not you paying them.


Local Authorities

Your local Council is going to experience an influx of requirements from service users because of the pandemic and there could be a wide range of job opportunities available. Jobs will range from customer service to transport logistics, waste loaders to HGV drivers, even landscapers and kitchen assistants will be needed. Remember as well that some of these positions will be classified as key worker roles, meaning your children can go to school while you are at work. Contact your local council to find out more or check out their recruitment website.


Transport Services

The delivery staff who are getting food, toiletry and medical products into supermarkets and pharmacies are also in short supply. Unfortunately, we still have people who are panic buying and stockpiling groceries and essentials. We have seen how toilet paper, soap and medication like paracetamol have been swiped off shelves. There is a long chain in the process of getting food from the farm to the table. Supermarkets are struggling to keep up with the demand both in store and online. Obviously, some positions will require an HGV licence but to deliver groceries for someone like Ocado all you need is a clean regular driving licence.


Delivery Services

Another transport service which is in enormous demand at the moment is the delivery of takeaways. Now days it’s not a young person on a moped delivering your Chinese, Indian or pizza takeaway. Food outlets and delivery service providers like Just Eat are looking for car owners/ drivers. Naturally, you will need to limit contact with customers. But as the food has been paid for it is now normal to drop food off at the door and step away to confirm the customer picks it up before leaving. This makes this type of job safe during the current crisis. It’s definitely a role worth considering in the short-term.


Healthcare Jobs

Whilst you may not be a qualified Doctor, midwife or nurse you can still get a job with either the NHS or a Private Hospital as a Healthcare Assistant, receptionist, administrator or even as a cleaner or a porter. You don’t have to be front line dealing with patients either: NHS 111 are also recruiting for Customer Service Assistants and the Coronavirus Testing Centres are also looking for administrators to co-ordinate patient appointments. The list is endless. Most hospitals also have what Is called Bank staff. The NHS Bank works like an Employment Agency and has short term positions available covering for sickness, holidays or when departments are looking for new permanent staff members. This is defintely worth looking at and a good way to obtain a permanent job.


Care Assistant

There is a real shortage of staff in the Care sector and vacancies are available working with the elderly, disabled service users and children in residential care. Whilst you would require training for these positions and need to be prepared to have a DBS (Criminal Bureau Check) completed by any potential employer there aren’t set entry requirements, good literacy and numeracy skills are needed and some GCSEs but that’s all apart from a caring, sympathic and pleasant nature.


Supermarket Staff

There are many jobs you could do in a supermarket and they are busier than ever right now. Examples of roles include being a cashier, stocking shelves and assisting at self-checkouts. Another position which is very popular at the moment is in-store picker where you fill baskets for online deliveries. Of course, working in a store risks exposure to a lot of customers day in, day out, but stores are very on top of PPE and only the safest equipment and systems are used. Its an essential job that should be applauded right now and if you’re willing to help out, it’s a potential new job during the crisis.


Agriculture and Farming

With so much disruption to everyday life, its easy to forget about the jobs right at the start of the essential food production chain. Farmers are crying out for a land army and now we are not in the EU the movement of agricultural workers is limited their need is huge. There are lots of jobs available in this area and you don’t need any specific qualifications. They’re very much ‘on the job training ‘type of roles. You will be working in the open air and working hard but equally it will keep you fit.


These are some examples of the industries and areas recruiting right now. As there is a great deal of uncertainty over the future of the workplace, it’s good to keep your ear to the ground. Keep checking online jobsites, register with as many Agencies as you can, speak to friends and colleagues, approach employers directly, do anything you can to try and find a job during the current crisis.


Good Luck


Angela Burton