Where To Look For A Job

by | 22.01.19

When you are looking for a job there are many more places to look than you think, here are a few ideas:-

Job Sites
Don’t just use one- use them all- load your details online and obtain regular job alerts.

Again, don’t just rely on one, register with any many as you can and regularly check their websites.

Job Centre

Don’t dismiss Job Centres as places for only blue collar jobs, that is not the case today and you will be surprised at the employers who use them.

Check out local and national newspapers, particularly The Guardian and The Times, excellent jobs can be found in the papers.

Make a list of Companies you would like to work for or large Companies in the local area and check out their websites, very often there will be a vacancy section on the site.

Direct Application
Send your CV to employers you would be interested in working for to see if they have any suitable vacancies.

Friends and Family
Talk to people, tell them you are looking for a job, there may be a vacancy at their place of work.

Use Facebook and Linkedln to network and market your skills and experience,
you never know what might come up.

Looking for a job? Send your CV to:- Nathalie@burtonboltonrose.co.uk