What would make you leave a job?

by | 28.10.22

Apparently nearly a third of all employees are planning to leave their current jobs in the near future. This is an astonishing figure – so what’s going on? Well people leave jobs for many reasons so let’s explore them and see if you fit into any of the categories we have identified. Here we go:

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is one of the main reasons people want to leave an employer – they just do not like the way the Company operates. This could be because there is no support from the management team, there is no thank you if you do a job well, there are no professional ethics or the product/service being provided is rubbish. There are many reasons why the culture could be wrong, but the bottom line is it needs to be right for you to be happy.

Lack of training

Lack of training and development opportunities lead people to look around in order to obtain a position with an employer who invests in their staff. If you feel you are being supported and your employer is investing in you then your commitment to them is going to be strong and you are not going to leave as you know that you have a future with the organization.

You want to further your career

Progression, the opportunity of a better job, pushes people to change, many employees will take a pay cut in order to obtain a more fulfilling job with excellent prospects. Most people do not want to feel stuck in a rut, they want a role in which they will be able to develop a long term career. If you don’t have that in your current role it could mean you might want to move on.


What you are being paid is really important, we all want to improve our lives and money plays a big part in how we do this. If you feel you are being underpaid for what you do then that is a good reason to move on. Don’t make money your most important focus because job satisfaction comes above that but at the end of the day, if we didn’t need a wage packet, we wouldn’t work.

You are under stress

Stress in the workplace pushes people to leave, some stress is acceptable but constant stress and targets that can’t be achieved will push employees to seek a new job. Stress at work also affects your personal life, you will find it hard to switch off and eventually it could cause you to have a mini meltdown. If you find yourself in this position, move on, get yourself out of there.

Your boss is vile

Having a boss who does not seem to care or shows no empathy upsets employees and they are very likely to look elsewhere. So if your boss doesn’t seem to care about your happiness and doesn’t check you are happy in your role on a regular basis eventually you will go out and get a new job. Everyone wants to be valued and a good boss will show you that you are.

Your employer comes from the Victorian age

Technology, or rather the lack of it, would push anyone to look for a new role, everyone wants efficient tools to be provided in order that they can do a good job. If you are working for a Company which does not invest in new technology your skills are going to stand still and you could find your job hard to do, this may make you feel that you need to move on.

Your job makes you knackered

Burnout is really, really common in the workplace, if you feel you have just had enough and that you have no more to give it could be that you come to believe that the time is right to move onto something easier. At the end of the day most employees give 100%, but if you are expected to give 150% on a daily burns at some point you are going to frazzle, make mistakes and give yourself anxiety. Burn out is not something you should experience in a job.

You feel like a doormat

Feeling undervalued, given no praise or support demotivates people and eventually they will start looking around for a new position. It is really important in your job that you feel that you are valued and that the work you do is appreciated. A good employer will always make sure that staff feel valued and appreciated, if you don’t then maybe this could make you look elsewhere.

Your employer is profit obsessed

Working for an employer who only cares about profits is a definite turnoff, no-one wants to be a cash cow, anyone would move on from this sort of organisation. Yes companies need profit to survive and prosper, but not to the detriment of employees. Profit means pay rises for you, but if your employer is obsessed with profit you will feel pressurised to perform all the time and this will make you unhappy.

If you are experiencing any of the above situations there is a good chance you are looking for a new role and frankly we don’t blame you. Don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire though. Identify why you are unhappy in your current role and make sure any role you move onto doesn’t contain any elements that would make you feel the same again.


Angela Burton