What to do after university

by | 04.08.23

Graduating from University is an exciting time for students. Some graduates may have found employment but most won’t have. There are various options to pursue after graduating and understanding what they are can help you to decide what to do once you have completed your studies. Here are some of the options you could take:

Spend some time at home

Returning home after University is a great way to compose your thoughts, look for jobs and consider your options while in a comfortable cost-effective setting. Use the time at home to approach local businesses in your field and Employment Agencies. You may also use some of the time to rest and rejuvenate.

Do a postgraduate course

Finishing your degree doesn’t necessarily mean an end to your student career. Completing a relevant post graduate course can further develop your level of specialist knowledge in your chosen area of study. This may improve your employability and increase your earning potential.

Take a gap year

After several years devoted to study, taking some time out to travel can allow for a well deserved break. As enjoyable as a gap year maybe, it can also provide several benefits. Graduates who take gap years can use that time to improve their cultural awareness and develop transferrable skills such as communication and adaptability. Taking a gap year can also be a great way to make you stand out from other candidates on your CV.

Find an internship

An internship after University can be a great way to gain experience and test-run your potential future career. Although internships often pay less than full-time positions they may result in a better CV and the potential of possibly a permanent job. It may be a good idea to start applying for internships before graduating as gaining a position can be competitive.

Gain some work experience

Working on a temporary basis or volunteering can be an excellent way to enhance your CV and set you apart from other graduates. By working in any capacity can help you develop transferable skills like communication, time management and adaptability. It could also lead to a permanent job, you never know.

Teach English abroad

Many countries seek English native speakers to move abroad and teach both adults and children. Many of the Companies that hire teachers don’t require a degree in education or teaching. It can be a competitive market so a degree in English, Modern Languages, Linguistics or education may improve your chances of getting a job.

Work for your University

Many Universities employ past students to join their admin teams in areas such as admissions, development and academic advising. If you loved studying at your University and are passionate about higher education, consider reaching out to the administrative team to see if there are openings for graduates.

Start your own business

If you’ve got passion and a business idea, this can be a great time to start your own business. Although it won’t be easy, a detailed plan, a well-built website and an excellent work ethic could set you on the path to entrepreneurship. There is a lot of online resources you can use if you want to start your own business which will help you with things like writing a business plan and how to grow your business.

Move to a new place

Recent University graduates are well situated to move to a new place after graduating. Many employers expect applicants to move away for a job. Moving to a different place may also provide a needed change of scenery or more job opportunities in your field.

Find a graduate job

For many graduates the best option after University may be pursuing an entry-level job to gain skills and experience. Try to search for Companies that offer career progression so that you will have the opportunity to progress in your role. Throw yourself into your first job you never know where it might lead.

Graduating is real achievement, be proud of what you have done, your life though is now entering the next phase so be careful about what choices you make. Take your time if needed to choose the right path for you, after all it is the start of the rest of you life.

Good Luck

Angela Burton