What do employers want?

by | 14.04.23

Probably at work we have all heard many times that “no one is irreplaceable”. However it is not technology products or processes that makes a Company great, it is the people they employ. While some might think that irreplaceable” is a very strong statement I think everyone would agree there are some people who make themselves difficult to replace. So what is it that employers want from their employees? Here are some ideas you can use to make yourself totally indispensable:

Do more than you are asked

Most people under-deliver or meet the minimum requirements. If you are asked to do a job always make sure you do it to the best of your ability. So if asked to purchase some stationary for the office, don’t place the order with the first Company you find. Shop around and source the best products at the most favourable price. Go the extra mile.

Communicate directly

Make sure you communicate directly without going round in circles and providing long explanations. Respect other people’s time. Irreplaceable employees will handle a customer’s request or complaint with one conversation. This is done by assessing a situation rapidly, foreseeing how the request/complaint can be managed or resolved and providing that information in a clear and concise manner.

Be one step ahead

Every Manager loves it when they get a series of “yes’s” to questions like “Did you handle that enquiry?”. What they don’t want to hear is “I was going to do it later”. Get things done, don’t have a lazy in-tray, do jobs as they come in ideally in order of importance. Never be one step behind.

Listen and observe

Listen to all instructions you are given carefully and don’t ask the same question twice. Recognise important information that has been communicated, note it and act upon it. Create value in the workplace by anticipating situations where possible and do what is needed.

Be trustworthy, accountable and reliable

When your Manager is out of the office he/she should be able to leave responsible tasks in your hands. Make yourself an irreplaceable employee who is not afraid to take on big responsibilities then your boss will trust you and know that you will deliver. On top of being trustworthy, accountable and reliable ensure your boss knows you are loyal.

Take the initiative

Employers want great people who will take the initiative  and initiate new solutions if necessary to make improvements to working systems. Be prepared to make recommendations, ask questions and help others if needed. Show initiative, motivation, drive and energy to get a job done. Enthusiastic employees can inspire others.

Fill the office with energy

Positivity feeds positivity. If you are friendly, outgoing and optimistic even in hard-working tense times you will inspire others. Everyone loves a positive person who brings energy to a room. Negativity is contagious so never bring depression into the workplace. Put on your happy face before you enter the building.

Be adaptable

Be easily adaptable to change. Let’s say you have just switched to a new software or a new policy has been implemented that you need to follow, make sure you welcome improvements and ride the wave of change, don’t resist it and know there is a good reason for it. Employers don’t make changes for the sake of making changes they make changes in order to improve the business.

Be a problem solver, not a complainer

Be someone who doesn’t go to your boss with a problem, be the person who brings in a proposed solution to a problem. Or even better be the person who has already solved an urgent problem in a way that you believed was the best action to take at the time. Never be a moaner or a complainer, it is not nice.

Don’t be someone who needs to be micromanaged

Try to be someone who can see the big picture and anticipate all the things that need to be done without specific detailed guidance. Every Manager wants to have people who pay attention to the tiniest detail and take care of things on the go without being told what to do.

Embrace new challenges

Don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge in a field that is not your area of speciality. Let’s say your Company needs to organise an event for your clients. Be the person prepared to take over the responsibility even if it is something you haven’t done previously. Be willing to put yourself out there despite there being a risk of being involved in something what could potentially go wrong.

Show you love your job

Make sure your boss knows you love your job. Be the person who goes to work because you want to, not because you have to. Believe me if you show an employer you want to be there and that you love your job they will really value you and you will have a wonderful, long term career with them.

So to summarise employers recognise and appreciate people who practice all or most of the above behaviour. Employers want to invest in people who are going to contribute to their success and those are the people that any Company want and can’t afford to lose. Be someone who is wanted that way I promise you, you will have a successful career.

Angela Burton