Warning signs that you need a new job

by | 02.09.21

Are you having a tough time at work? Are you thinking about leaving your job? Thousands of people leave their jobs each month for any number of reasons. One of the main reason though is stress. Prolonged stress can result in burnout and depression. Staying in a job you are not happy in for too long may do serious damage to your career, it could also ruin your relationship with your employer and could even get you sacked because you are not being productive and are miserable in the office causing an atmosphere. You can prevent these things happening by recognising some of the signs that your job is not right for you before the situation reaches crisis point. Here are some signs:

You are already thinking about finding a new job

Everyone has the occasional bad day and work. However if you did yourself daydreaming about leaving your job on a regular basis there is probably a good reason for it. Take that as sign that it’s time to start looking at new job opportunities.

You are constantly moaning about your job

If every conversation with your friends, family or partner starts and ends with you moaning about your day at work then it may be time to find a new job. Whilst it is normal to think about your job outside work ideally some of that time should be spent thinking or talking about good things that happened during the day not negative things.

You dream of retirement – even if you are too young

Do you spend your time thinking about when you will be able to retire? Do you count down the years until you do not have to go to work any longer? Well the fact is you probably don’t really want to retire you just need to get a new job. Don’t waste your life in countdown mode. Instead take that feeling and use it as motivation to find a position that is satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.

You are always ill?

Your physical health can be indicator of your mental health and if you are getting sick more often your job may be to blame. If your job is literally making you ill, that’s a good sign that it’s time to look for a new position.

You are not sleeping well

If you have difficulty getting to sleep or if you wake up during the night worrying about your job then you need to start looking for another one. Sleep is essential to your health and job induced stress can be the cause of poor sleep. Unfortunately not sleeping well can make a bad job even worse. Being tired all the time can make everything in your life seem like a challenge particularly your job. 

You are drinking too much

While it is okay to relax with a glass of wine after work your day shouldn’t be driving you to drink the whole bottle. If you find that your job is causing you to drink more alcohol, smoke more cigarettes or even to take drugs you really need to assess your situation and sort yourself out and this may mean leaving your job.

You are getting fat?

Some people turn to food in the same way they do to cigarettes and alcohol if you are eating or drinking too much because of stress at work then that’s a sure sign you may not be in the right job. Stress can also cause you to lose your appetite and loose watch this as well.

You dread Mondays

It’s normal to enjoy your weekend and wish it was longer. It’s also normal to be tired in the morning but you shouldn’t feel dread when the alarm goes off. If anxiety is consuming your thoughts and supping your energy and Mondays become days you wish you could avoid consider moving on from your job fast.

You are bored?

How much time do you spend on social media during a typical workday? How much time do you spend in the loo texting your mates. If these questions make you cringe consider whether you are bored at work. It probably is time for you to look for a more mentally stimulating job.

You are arguing with your colleagues or even your boss?

If you unhappiness in your job is causing tension in the office or if you have been warned about your attitude you really need to move on for you sake and the sake of others. It’s better to leave a job on good terms so you can use your employer as a source for a reference or as a networking connection. It’s best to avoid being sacked if you can help it. Don’t be angry with your work mates, move yourself and get a new job. 

Of course all these signs can be indicators of other personal, emotional, health or physical problems, but if you are stressed about work and are experiencing some of these symptoms then you certainly need to revaluate your employment situation. When you make the decision to move on, don’t just leave you job. In most cases if you are careful you can start looking for a new position before you hand in your resignation. It’s easier to get a job if you are in a job, employers are a bit wary of people who are unemployed or left a job without a job to go to. Furthermore you don’t know how long it might take you to find a new job plus you may not be able to claim benefits if you chose to leave employment. Take time to plan your job search, in addition to getting you out of a bad situation it will give you something else to focus on instead of the job you want to get out off!

Good Luck

Angela Burton