Top five pieces of career advice

by | 22.01.19

Everything you decide to do in life will influence your career which can go on to last for years and years. Below we’ve listed some of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard – hopefully you’ll find them as useful as we have!

“Don’t leave a good Company because you dislike one or two of your colleagues”

Let’s face it, you’re never going to love everyone you work with and there will be days when even your ‘work bestie’ will get on your nerves! If you’re reading this and thinking ‘wait a minute, I do love everyone’ then consider yourself very lucky! So, so many people leave a good job that they love simply because they can’t bear working alongside someone, but if there is real potential for you to progress where you are just stick with it and remember you won’t have to work with the same people forever!

Integrity and trustworthiness are qualities that are essential in the workplace…

“Be patient – getting what you want takes time”

Success takes time – you’re not going to go from Filing Clerk to Director in a couple of years. In these days of social media it’s so easy to look at celebrities and wonder why you aren’t as rich or as successful as them. But try not to be too disheartened, in ‘real life’ success takes time – stay committed and eventually you’ll achieve your goals.

 “Everyone you meet is a potential open door”

Try your best to make friends with everyone you ever work with as you never know what opportunity they could bring you. Someone you’re currently working with may go on to join a great Company in the future, if you stay in touch with them and have impressed them in the past it’s likely they’ll recommend you when a suitable vacancy comes up. 

“Always take the high road”

If you really dislike one of your Managers, the chances are some of your colleagues do too – but resist the urge to join in when people having a good old moan about the boss. Keep yourself away from all negativity – if you’re brought into a conversation try to deflect it and change the topic. 

“Trust your instinct”

Think of your instinct as your closest ally, it will always let you know if something is wrong or not quite what it seems – always consider this when making an important decision about your career and go with what you think is right.

We believe by following the above snippets of advice, you will control your career rather than have it controlled by others.

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