The right things to do in an interview

by | 26.04.24

These tips will help you prepare for the big day of your interview.  Never think you are just going to walk into a job, you have put in a lot of effort.  Follow these tips and you’ll get through your interview with flying colours.

Dress the part

In order to impress an employer you must dress accordingly.  Wearing business attire, a suit or a smart dress etc will impress.  They say dress for the job you want to get in five years’ time which hopefully will be a management role.

Think about questions you may be asked

Make sure to prepare a list of questions that could be asked in a interview and practice your answers to them.  Common questions you could be asked are 1) Why are you leaving your current/last job and 2) Where do you see yourself in five years.  Make sure you practice your answers.

Research the Company

Make sure you know what the Company you are applying to do.  Review their website and make sure you fully understand what they are all about.  Make sure you write down any questions you have on the Company so that you can ask them in an interview.

Be respectful and polite

When you attend an interview it’s important that you are respectful and polite.  When you meet with the interviewer you should shake their hand and introduce yourself. First impressions are really important so make sure you make a good one.

Watch your body language

Body language tells a thousand stories.  Good body language impresses people so make sure you keep good eye contact with the interviewer.  Posture is also important so always sit up straight and above all look interested in the questions you are being asked.

Be punctual

Make sure you are on time for the interview, arrive at the interview ten minutes before time, no earlier and definitely no later.  The employer will appreciate timeliness as it shows you will be a diligent and reliable worker.

Know what you are applying for

Make sure you know about the job you are applying for.  Ensure you have read the job description fully and understand what your role in the Company will be.  If you are not sure what the job will entail research it, use Google, you’ll get all the information you need.

Take a copy of your CV

Make sure you bring an extra CV with you to the interview just in case the employer needs another copy.  Some interviewers use your CV as a reference when conducting interviews and if you have a copy of it, you will be able to refer to it as well.

Be enthusiastic

Make sure to always have a lot of positive energy in the interview, everyone loves enthusiasm and by showing interest in an interview there is a good chance this will impact on the employers decision to employ you.  If you appear tired or bored believe me you’ll be out the door pretty quickly.

Send a thank you email

Make sure you send an email thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration for interviewing you.  Ensure you tell them you would love the opportunity of joining the Company and you feel confident you would bring a lot to the role.  Obviously if the role was not for you don’t do this.

By following these simple tips you will rock your interview and be sure to wow the interviewer and hopefully get a quick job offer.

Good luck

Angela Burton