The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Working

by | 10.11.23

Although hybrid working existed before the start of the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, it wasn’t something at the forefront of people’s minds. During Covid many organisations had no option but to have their employees work from home, this gave most people a look at what it would mean to them if they didn’t have to go into work everyday, but is hybrid working a good thing for everyone? Here are some pros and cons:

The pros of hybrid working


Improved work-life balance

Working on a hybrid basis can increase your happiness and improve your work-life balance. Not only does it give you more autonomy over your own schedule, but it can also give you the gift of the time you would spend commuting. Hybrid working can also have many psychological benefits, prevent burnouts and minimise stress.

Increased Productivity

Because you have greater flexibility you will also find you become more focused and productive. By working remotely you reduce distractions, you don’t have colleagues to gossip with so you can dedicate more time and attention to your tasks.

You are happier

Most people make decisions for themselves based on what will make them more comfortable and happy. So if you have the choice of working hybrid it may empower you. Working on a hybrid basis gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose the days you go into the office and what days to work from home, this in turn gives you a higher work-life satisfaction and makes for a happier life.

No more commuting

For many people travelling to work, whether by bus, train or car, is required. Apparently the average British worker spends about 164 hours a year commuting to and from work. In addition to the time spent commuting it can also be a stressful experience. No more commuting everyday is a definite bonus.

Less stress and anxiety

In the office employees can feel an increased pressure to perform in a certain way, reach deadlines early and be ‘in the know’ constantly when the boss is around. This can make it hard to focus and this can cause stress and a general feeling of anxiety. Working from home a few days a week will definitely improve your stress levels.

The cons of hybrid working


You can lose your creativity

Working in a buzzing office with colleagues from different backgrounds can be a melting pot for strong ideas. Some employees may feel that sitting together and trading ideas is a formula for success. Being in an office can stimulate you mentally and keep you motivated.

It stifles relationship building

From having lunch with your work colleagues to general kitchen chats you are building relationships and making friends. If you work from home you won’t have this opportunity. Life time friendships are often developed in the workplace and partners are met in the workplace, by working from home you will miss out on this.


People working from home often feel lonely, when you are used to going into work and being with people all-day every day, being home alone can be a struggle. You can feel very insular, cut off and unmotivated without people around you. Loneliness is a big problem for people working remotely so be mindful of this.

You need a dedicated workspace

Working from home isn’t for everyone, if you don’t have a dedicated workspace at home or the right equipment you may find working remotely difficult. If you have other family members at home, or children coming in from school working could be a nightmare. Being distracted or not having a private office area could result in your performance level dropping and this could ultimately result in you losing your job.

It may affect your promotion prospects

There is an old saying “out of sight, out of mind”, so if you are not in the office how does the boss get to know you? It’s all very well doing your job well but in order to get promoted it’s your personality, attributes and persona the boss needs to see. If you are at the end of your working life hybrid work is a good idea, other than that you could be really jeopardizing your career.

So to summarise there are good points and bad points about hybrid working so before you decide this is the route you want to go I advise you to think very carefully about whether it is the right thing for you.

Good Luck

Angela Burton