Temporary Work To Be – Or Not To Be – That Is The Question

by | 22.01.19

Temporary work over the last few years has become increasingly unpopular and to some extent we understand why. The general view to the uninitiated is that in a temporary job you get all the rubbish tasks, are treated badly and you earn a pittance.

Is this true? Not necessarily, there are more positives to doing temporary work than negatives. Some of the top business people in the UK have worked on a temporary basis at some point in their career. This could have been when they came out of education, when they were in between jobs or working as an interim to gain specific experience.

There are many positives to doing temporary work, we have listed a few below that could make you think more positively about giving it a try. For instance:

• It’s a great way of working in organisations you would not normally have the opportunity to work in

• It’s an excellent platform to network from, who knows, a temporary role could become a permanent position

• It’s a wonderful way to gain further skills, be that systems, software or working tasks

• Whilst temporary work does not pay a king’s ransom, it does pay more than job seekers allowance which at the moment for under 25s is £57.90 per week and for over 25s is £73.10 per week. You could easily earn more than this in a day doing temporary work

• It’s better than being a couch potatoes, after all there is only so much day time TV you can watch

If you need further convincing, think about it, how much time can you be at home, earning no money and gradually getting more and more despondent. Change things today and start temping – you won’t regret it.

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