Telephone Interview Advice – how to make yours a success

by | 22.01.19

A telephone interview is a tool for employers to assess whether you a serious applicant and to decide whether or not to take you further through the application process. They can be tricky because you have one chance only to impress and this has to be done with your voice. Body language, smiles and your personality has to be projected down the phone. Here are some tips:

Research and plan your telephone interview
It is normal to be nervous before a telephone interview but it will really help if you have done your groundwork. Make sure you research the employer and study the job description carefully.

Practice before the interview
Practice makes perfect. Any experience you have had of using the phone in a professional context will help. If you feel you need more experience to build your confidence practice with a friend or relative.

Control your environment
Turn off the telly, let people know what’s going on, be alone when you take/make the call, make sure there are no interruptions. Have a copy of your CV and a pen and paper handy.

Stay calm
Before you take the call take a couple of deep breaths.. .and smile! It will show in your voice. You will forget your nerves once you are focused on the interview.

Be professional
Be animated and enthusiastic but polite. Do not be over familiar and don’t start chatting as if you were talking to a friend. Remember to listen carefully and try to be succinct.

Remember this is only a preliminary round
Do ask questions at the end, but this is not a time to discuss salary, training and start dates. If you progress to the next stage you will have the chance to assess the Company in more depth.

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