Stuck in a career rut?

by | 03.10.19

Do you find it difficult to see where you will be in your career in the coming years?


Have the last few years been cruel or kind to you professionally speaking? Some people simply get stuck in a rut, others have been a victim of the recent economic situation but it is important to remember we all probably spend about 45 years in the workplace so why not create a vision to help you move forward in your career. Here are some tips:


Decide what you want

Deciding what you want to do long term is the key to planning your future. Your career is a professional journey with lots of stops on the way. If you know where you want to go ultimately it is much easier to plan the route.


Know what you don’t want

Most people don’t always know what they ultimately want but they usually are clear on what they don’t want ie: they don’t want to work for a large Company or they don’t want a long commute.


Don’t be afraid

People are often scared to say what they want because they are afraid of not getting it. But it is important that you create a plan of where you ultimately want to be in your career and head towards it. It’s like a declaration, it takes courage and needs a bit of faith.


Question yourself

If you are ready to build a vision of your future career begin by getting it down in writing. If you do this and regularly look at your objectives you will take steps to make them happen. For instance, write down what type of job you want, what do you want to be responsible for, what sort of team do you want to work in and what type of Company do you want to work for.


Plan your route

Once you have decided where you want to be in the future you now need to formulate a plan on how to get there, it may be one job move or more, it may also require further qualifications, but once you have made up your mind where you want to ultimately end up, everything else will fall into place.


Now get started

Don’t procrastinate get moving today, you know where you want to end up so start looking now. If you need to return to education explore Colleges and Universities, if it’s your skills which need improving  look at skill courses available, if it’s more experience you need maybe you need to move jobs and go one or two steps up the career ladder towards your ultimate goal.


Good luck to you, if you are dedicated and focused you will definitely achieve your aspirations but don’t leave things too late, plan your route carefully and you will always reach your ultimate destination.



Happy job search!