Social Media – blessing or curse when job seeking

by | 09.03.20

Social media has become both a blessing and a curse when it comes to applying for a job. On the one hand it has definitely made it easier to connect with people you had no way of reaching previously. On the other hand, a mistake on social media could cost you the interview you wanted or even cause you to lose your job.

Social media has integrated itself into our everyday lives and while this isn’t bad we need to be aware that what we put out there is visible to all. Here are some tips:

More job advertising routes – it’s a blessing

Employers now have the ability to post jobs on their Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ pages as well as traditional recruitment websites. Gone are the days of searching the newspapers for a job.

Applying for a job is easier – it’s a blessing

The process of applying for a job has never been easier, it is also much faster than it used to be, with most portals available directing applications straight through to an internal system. How simple is that?

You can sell yourself on LinkedIn – it’s a blessing

LinkedIn has become the go-to place for both employers and perspective job seekers. When you apply for a role employers are able to look you up and check you out so ensure your LinkedIn page does you justice and promotes you in the best light.

You can check an employer out on LinkedIn – it’s a blessing

By researching a potential employer on LinkedIn, you have the ability to find out about the Company before you attend an interview. You also have the opportunity to look up your potential new Manager where you could obtain precious information that you had no access to previously.

Your social media profiles may be checked – it’s a curse

Employers will pass on a candidate based on provocative or inappropriate photos or information posted on their profile. Bear in mind there are many diverse ways in which a profile could cause unease for a possible employer.

 Strong views on social media – it’s a curse

If your profile expresses strong opinions which could offend others who don’t share the same views weed them out, another area which should be tailored is comments about your current or previous employers – no one wants to employ someone who is a moaner or back stabber.

Sharing content on social media – it’s a curse

If you are sharing content on social media, make sure it is working for you and not against you. Share content that paints you in a professional and positive light. Remove any content that could be viewed as unprofessional.

Remember you can’t really ever delete social media – it’s a curse

Always remember that even if something is deleted from social media, it still exists somewhere. We have all heard stories of unsavoury social media postings coming to light years later and damaging a persons career in the process.

Don’t be caught lying – it’s a curse

Make sure your social media content is employer-safe, you should ensure that all your employment information is consistent. Does your experience on paper match all the experiences you post on social media? Be aware employers do check dates and positions more often than you realise. Do not lie.

Your content can give employers an idea of your personality – it’s a blessing

The content or your social media can tell employers what you are passionate about, how you interact with others and how previous colleagues feel about you. All of these things give you an advantage and also gives employers on opportunity to get an idea of who you are before meeting you.

Build your social media positively – it’s a blessing

Focus on building a great social media presence and strong social networks. Let it represent your skill set and work experience. By participating professionally in group discussions, you are creating an idea of how you would engage with future colleagues. You never know who will see something you have posted and think ‘Maybe this person would be good for my Company’.

Social media is not private – it’s a curse

Leaving your social media open to all is not always the best idea. All social media sites come with privacy settings. Use them to reflect the level of privacy you would like to have. By keeping your social content to a select group, you are making sure that all past and future updates are only viewed by them. It also ensures potential employers aren’t privy to all your personal details.

Dodgy email address – it’s a curse

Whilst it may seem funny to have an email address such as its not going to impress a potential employer, neither is, particularly if they are an Arsenal fan. Dodgy email addresses really put of employers so if yours need to be changed now is the time to do it.

There is no need to start worrying about employers looking through years of your blog posts, but realistically you need to remember that ‘if its out there, people can find it’. Always be on the side of caution. This may seem like obvious advice but we know from experience people are not paying attention to fact. You have worked very hard to get where you are, don’t let something like privacy settings hold you back.

If you are ever in doubt, take a moment before posting anything to ask yourself – would your mum be ok with it.

Happy Job Seeking.