Social Distancing In The Workplace

by | 22.06.20

We are all being advised to ‘social distance’ ourselves but what exactly does this mean and how do we do it? Basically what we are being asked to do is reduce socialising with others in order to reduce our chance of getting coronavirus. We have all read about the groups of people who are at high risk – but what about you and me – how do we take precautions particularly when at work? What steps can we take to eradicate this terrible disease? Here are some tips:

Watch who you mix with at work

You really need to avoid contact with anyone who is displaying symptoms of illness. Symptoms to seriously avoid include a high temperature and a cough. If you work with anyone with these symptoms – keep well away from them, advise them that they really need to go home and see a Doctor as soon as possible.

Avoid public transport if you can

If it is at all possible avoid getting on a bus or using the train service. These are a wonderful environment for germs to breed. Where possible walk or cycle if or use your car. If you really do need to use public transport for instance to get to work, try to keep well away from other passengers and without question wear a mask.

If possible work from home

If it is at all feasible try to convince your employer to let you work from home. Your employer should support you if it is at all possible. By working at home you are really minimising the people you are associating with and therefore really helping yourself and others. It’s like a form of self-isolating really.

Avoid strangers

It is really wise to avoid crowds, be those in shops, parks or on the beach, in fact in any public space. Keep away from people even if you are walking down the road. Two metres distance is the minimum distance you should aim to put between you and others. Any improvement on this is a bonus. At all costs keep away from the ‘space invaders’.

Avoid to many social gatherings

That sounds harsh but try to avoid meeting up with colleagues outside work. You can still keep in touch with people using remote technology such as phone, the internet and social media. You want to protect yourself and the people you care for, limit unnecessary contact the with people in the short term.

Watch your personal hygiene

You really need to look at yourself and assess how ‘clean’ you really are. It is crucial that you wash your hands properly with soap and water or hand sanitisers as many times a day as you can bear. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. If you cough or sneeze use a tissue and throw it away immediately after use. At work regularly clean frequently touched objects and surfaces you use. Your employer should provide you with the tools and equipment to do this.

Watch your mental wellbeing

Understandably you may find that social distancing and the Covid19 business nightmare. You may find your moods affected and may feel low, anxious or worried. All of us need other people and if you are not mixing with your friends or colleagues you could feel depressed. A good idea is to spend time doing things you enjoy on your own, this might include reading, cooking, listening to music or watching trashy TV programmes. Whatever you enjoy – do it – unless it’s addictive or against the law!

Don’t brood alone

It is perfectly okay to share your concerns with others you like and trust and by doing so you may end up providing support to them. You don’t have to see people to share things with them. This can be done over the phone or by email. Stay in touch with people, build contact with others into your new routine. Never be afraid to share your worries with others or to listen to their concerns. Remember the old adage ‘sharing is caring’.

There you go, we hope this has been helpful to you. None of us have ever experienced what we are going through now. It’s all new territory, but it is crucial to all of us that we collectively work together to battle this, it’s the only way forward.

Best Wishes.