Smart ways to find a new job

by | 15.09.21

There is no denying it – searching for a job is really a full-time job in itself and it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. Are you feeling a bit like you’re going round in circles and getting nowhere with your job search? Sometimes it can be helpful to take a step back and really think about your approach before bashing out your CV. Taking a different approach to your job search can give you a fresh boost of confidence if you’re feeling in a rut and hopefully you will land that opportunity you’ve been searching for. Here are some ideas:

Try online networking

Get plugged into career networking sites like LinkedIn. You might think this is a step ahead of yourself if you’re still studying, it actually looks great to employers if you’re keen to know what’s going on in the job market before, you’ve even graduated. Join in discussion groups for industries you’re interested in and start building your social network to keep in the loop for the latest job offers. Follow companies that you like and commenting on their posts is also a great way to get noticed, although remember to keep your comments professional and save rants for Facebook.


Talk to friends and family

Nowadays staff referrals are one of the most popular methods used for recruitment by employers as companies often prefer to employ someone who their trusted employees can vouch for. Take advantage of this by asking around friends and family who work in industries you would like to explore. This often results in you finding out about vacancies before they are advertised and instantly puts you at an advantage if someone can recommend you.

Look beyond advertised jobs

Sometimes sticking to advertised jobs isn’t the best way to more forward. Focus on specific companies you would like to work for. Keep an eye on job adverts of course but if you see a company you would like to work for advertising, even if the job is not suitable for you, send them your CV and a cover letter anyway selling yourself. If a company is advertising more than one vacancy at a time it is generally a sign they are expanding. That means it’s the perfect time to make yourself known to them and show them what you’ve got.

Expand your mind

Thanks to technology the job market is constantly evolving at such a pace there are heaps of jobs out there that you’ve probably never even heard of and that didn’t exist back when you started work. It’s worth putting some research into new jobs that are there as you might find that once you get past the unfamiliar names these roles are interesting, and you have the basic skills and experience needed for them. They just have been rebranded and now have posh names.

Be confident

How you handle the job application process will give potential employers an idea of the kind of worker you are. For example, someone who takes the initiative to email the employer after they’ve sent it in their CV and cover letter to see if there is anymore information needed will be remembered above someone who just sends in their CV. I’m not suggesting you stalk an employer or barge into their office asking about work, but by emailing someone from HR so you can tell them how much you would like to work for their company after sending your CV could get you serious gold stars next to your name. The chances are you’ll stand out in their memory when they come to arranging interviews.

If you are in education – work for your university

There are hundreds of part-time jobs on campus for students including event work, administration jobs and giving tours to prospective students. With decent pay and hours as well as usually being close to where you are living and your lecture theatres these jobs are gold dust. It also helps that university knows you so are likely to provide a glowing reference when you look for a ‘real’ job. My advice to you would be to apply early as these jobs tend to disappear quickly.

Use an Agency

Finding a job though a Recruitment Agency can be a good choice particularly if you find the whole idea of selling yourself particularly tough an Agency will do that bit for you. An Agency will also actively search for work on your behalf so of course this can lighten the burden a bit if you’re finding searching for jobs a pain, they can often get you a job quicker than you expected. Another good reason for using an Agency is that they often get jobs which are never advertised. Many employers prefer to use an Agency, get a short list of suitable candidates and wham bang employee someone.

Consider temp work

Years ago temp work developed a bad name it was considered poorly paid, often pretty boring and lacking in long term security. Now days its an excellent way of getting a permanent job. Employers like to trail new employees and having them initially as a temporary worker allows them to do this. Also by doing temporary work you get the opportunity of going into companies or organisations you might not necessarily have access to. Other benefits are you earn money and also gain different experiences and hopefully obtain new skills.

Check our Career Fairs

Career Fairs aren’t just picking up freebies, although these are always a welcome perk! These fairs are a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk directly to big-time employers and Recruitment Agencies. Remember these people have paid for the stall they are standing at for the sole purpose of speaking to jobseekers like you so take advantage of being in this rare situation. Make the most of the opportunity to network and be informed about employers application process and job vacancies. Also don’t forget to take a notepad, take down the names, position and email addresses of the people you talk you and send them a follow-up email afterwards just to say a quick hello and say how nice it was to meet them.

Become your own boss

Many people often feel discouraged from starting their own business due to the risk involved or lack of security it offers. Although becoming your own boss can seem like a scary move if you have a big idea and the motivation to push it then this could be the smartest move you make. It was for me. There are a number of organisations and websites designed specifically to help entrepreneurs succeed at business. Check out everything you can about raising capital for your start up and obtaining tips on getting a business off the ground. If after the first year you decide, it’s not for you then that’s something valuable you’ve learned and hopefully you’ll have no regrets in having tried. It will also look amazing on your CV.

There you go, I hope these ideas have broadened your mind and help you with your job search. Of course, you should keep up your assault on more traditional methods of finding a job, you never know where an opportunity might come from. You must submit your details to job sites with specifics about the kind of positions you’re interested in. The sites will then send you email notifications when something that meets your criteria comes up.

Finally, don’t let failed applications knock your confidence too much. Remember the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ well this definitely applies when you are looking for job. Those people who accept rejection letters like water off ducks back are more likely to succeed. Keep reminding yourself of this!


Good Luck

Angela Burton