Relax it’s Xmas – worry about a job in the New Year

by | 23.12.20

We’ve all been there before, you wake up in the middle of the night and while you try to get back to sleep your mind drifts to the topic that you haven’t got a job. Before you know it you’re in a full -blown 2am panic during which you lose sleep and accomplish little. What begins as a passing thought suddenly escalates into a cold sweat. The good news is though you can absolutely put yourself in control of your thoughts and actions. By taking a step back from your worst fears, planning action to be taken in the New Year it is possible to dismiss those negative thoughts, get some sleep and also enjoy Christmas

Focus on the positive

There is a lot to be said for focusing on the good aspects of your life instead of worrying about not having a job. Of course thinking positively won’t magically pay your bills or stretch your budget, but it can help calm your fears. Grab a piece of paper and start listing the positive aspects of your life, I think you’ll find there are more “happy” areas than miserable ones.

Make an Xmas budget

In some ways going into Tier 4 is helpful if you haven’t got a job. You can’t go out and spend lots of money celebrating Christmas and you have the perfect excuse for giving home made presents. Try making sweets, cup cakes or mince pies. What about buying a bag a spring bulbs and planting up as gifts, you can always paint the pots, tie a ribbon or put some string around them. Be inventive and save money.

Banish shame

Being unemployed can lead to feeling ashamed, whether it’s feeling “unwanted”, on the refuse tip and useless because of lack of money. The shame factor can also perpetuate a cycle of anxiety and depression. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. The unemployment rate is the highest it’s been for a long, long time and rising. There are 1000s of people in the same situation as you, but feeling bad won’t help you. Enjoy Christmas and concentrate on getting a job on the 4th January

Stop comparing yourself to others

My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are generally filled with friends pictures of their holidays, trips out, cars and other clear indicators that they have lots of money, a job and a very happy life. I am human like you and I can’t stop comparing myself to others and this definitely causes me stress. It seems we humans have a measuring stick of wealth, looks and career success and we use others to gauge position. However constantly comparing yourself to others is not a healthy way to live. Remember people often look happy when really they are not. Judge your own happiness, not others.

Consider the worst

It may seem odd but one of the ways to stop worrying about something Is consider the worst. After all “the worst” is probably the trigger for your stress. Take a few minutes to actually ponder on what would happen if came into fruition. Probably the worst thing you can imagine is long term unemployment. Well let me tell you as an expert if you look long and hard enough anyone can find a job even in a terrible market. You are not going to be unemployed for the rest of your life, you definitely will get a job. You may have to compromise a little bit but you will work again believe me!!!

Talk to those you love

A trouble shared is a trouble halved, so don’t be afraid of talking to the people you are closest to. Firstly your tears can subside when you realise you are not alone with your struggles. Secondly you may ask your loved ones for support whilst you are looking for a job. And thirdly those closest to you can help you put together a plan of attack for the New Year on how and where to look for. Take any help you are offered, people will want to be there for you.

Do not drink too much

Christmas is a time when we all enjoy a drink but if you worried about something, drinking is often not good idea. You may end up drinking more than usual as a way of dealing with your emotions or just to fill in the time. But alcohol will never help you deal with your problems and could add to your stress.

Don’t stop enjoying life

When I am worried about something, I have a difficult time enjoying the moment. For example its hard for me to eat. Worrying is not going to change your situation, its Christmas you are not going to get a job in the next few days, but the cost to your health by worrying could be permanent so shelve those worries for a little while and enjoy this time

Worrying wastes time

When you spend your time thinking about all the negatives in your life, you have less time to think about and focus on more productive things. Worrying accomplishes nothing, doesn’t let you enjoy other activities and usually causes you to identify more things to worry about. It’s a non stop circle

Focus on the now

Finding a job is for the New Year, stop worrying about how you are going to do that. Whilst you do need to have a plan in order to tackle your job search, focus on what’s going on now at this very moment. You will never have this time again, don’t waste it.

Worrying is a bad habit that can be difficult to break. We may have learned to worry from our parents, with some people, myself included, worrying serves as a type of security blanket. So if you are a worrier, its time to give it up, even if it is only until the New Year. Get motivated about Christmas, start enjoying yourself. The bottom line is worrying wont magically make a job appear. Shelve your tears, feel confident that as soon as the 4th January comes you will be out there turning every stone you can until you get a new job.

Have a lovely Christmas