Many of you will currently be furloughed and terrified that the next thing that will happen is that you will be made redundant.  Some of you may not be bothered about keeping your job.  This will be because it is “only a job” and not something you love.  But if you really, really enjoy your job, like the people you work with, believe in the Company you work for and what they stand for, then you need to do whatever you can to try to save your position and support the future of your employer.  How can you do this you will ask, well here are some ideas.


Offer To Reduce The Hours You Work

Consider offering to reduce the hours or days you work for a short period of time.  Five months at the moment would seem like a reasonable period as the economy should hopefully have picked up by the New Year.  This can be an effective way of reducing employer payroll costs, helping the business recover and most importantly keeping your job.


Offer To Take A Salary Cut

Most Manager of small Companies will have taken a pay cut in order to keep more money in the business.  We here have and any responsible Manager should have.  Why not offer to do the same.  Again perhaps offer to do this until the end of the year when hopefully things will have recovered well enough for you to go back on full pay


Offer To Work For Nothing

If you are definitely going to be made redundant offer to stay for a short period with no pay.  What have you got to lose, after all job seekers allowance is only £74.35 per week.  Perhaps your employer could afford to pay your expenses and travel costs, that way you won’t be out of pocket.  Clearly this is not something everyone could afford to do indefinitely, but in the short term it could really help your employer.


Barter For Your Services

If you are definitely going to be made redundant so offer your services for nothing in return for using your employers time and equipment in order to source a new position.  Offer to work in the morning for free and agree that in the afternoon you can use corporate stationery, computer equipment, Microsoft Teams software etc to look for a job.  This way you are helping to save the Company but at the same time saving yourself money by job searching at their expense.  You never know your employer may recover, there is always a chance.


Offer To Take A Sabbatical

Consider taking a voluntary sabbatical, naturally this will need to be unpaid, but again this could save your employer payroll costs in the short term.  A sabbatical may well suit you as the summer is here and the kids are not at School.  What this offer will do is give your employer time to recover and take the pressure off them.  It will also give you a little career break which you may really enjoy.


Offer to Give Up Holiday Due, Benefits and Perks

Every penny helps if a Company is struggling to survive so volunteer to give up any holiday entitlement you have outstanding.  If you have been furloughed since March you’ve already enjoyed a four month holiday, how much more time can you spend at home!  Additionally benefits, perks, bonuses, commissions, pensions all cost your employer money.  Consider offering to give these up in the short term.




Offer To Retrain or Take Another Job

Maybe your job is not of real value to your employer, so think about what type of role is of more value.  It could mean moving from the office into the warehouse or factory short term to get customer orders moving.  It could be going out on the road to drum up business for your Company.  But there simply must be something useful that you can do to help your employer survive.


Whilst these options may not suit everyone, it is worth considering some of these solutions as it could help you to avoid compulsory redundancy and retain your job until the market recovers.  If none of these options are viable for you that’s understandable, most of us need an income, but if you really love your job it really is worth fighting for.




Good Luck