Promotion Made Easy

by | 26.01.24

Chances are if you have a job you want to be promoted – or you will at some stage. Promotions often mean more money, more benefits and more respect. But what does it take to get promoted, here are some tips:

Let your boss know that you want to be promoted

Communication in the workplace is key and letting your boss know you are ambitious is very helpful. It might seem obvious, but sometimes your boss might not be aware you want to move on from your current role or hasn’t considered you as a candidate for a different position.

Show your boss how you can add value

A great way to prove your worth is to reduce stress from other staff members by proving you can be trusted to do all tasks given to the best of your ability. To hold a more senior position you need to master your current job first and be trusted by the management team.

Look at your colleagues who have been promoted

As with anything in life look for role models for guidance on getting to the places you want to be. Of course we are all different and you need to play to your personal strengths, but it’s worth learning from others, I suspect they were highly organised, team leaders, extremely willing to take on extra work and sociable.

Make your achievements known

If you are doing well at work make sure people who matter know. Are you bringing in lots of money, selling more than others, being praised by customers – whatever you are doing well don’t be afraid to mention it. There is a thin line between being proud of what you have achieved and being a big head but don’t let fear stop you from touting your worth.

Be a leader

As well as looking for role models who have got where you want to be, be a role model for others in the Company. If you can show you’re talented and a respected leader your chances of getting promoted will always increase as generally promotions come with more leadership responsibilities. Take a leadership role in your team and show your boss how good you are at organizing others.

Be a problem solver

This ties in with showing leadership skills and is a very important trait to have if you want a promotion. On top of the regular problem solving that comes with the job you can go above and beyond and show that you can identify potential problems and find solution for them. Don’t be scared to get creative either. There’s no harm in suggesting new ways of doing things.

Be a nice person

Displaying kindness in the workplace shows that you are able to be compassionate and will always treat colleagues with respect if times get rough. By valuing your work colleagues they in turn will value and respect you. Be transparent, honest and collaborative, this will show your boss that you are someone employees will listen to and like to work alongside.

Have a good work ethic

This is another quality you need to have to get promoted. Performance is nine times out of ten the reason why promotions are given so show that you have mastered your current role and have gone above and beyond what has been asked of you. By doing this you will not only stand out to your boss but your colleagues will also see you as someone who deserves to move on.

Be motivated and motivate others

Also be motivated. Make sure you show how much you enjoy doing what you are doing and how much you like working for the Company. Being motivated also helps to inspire those around you and in turn will increase  the productivity and creativity and energy of the team.

Finally dress the part, a recent survey has shown that looking the part is half way to being the part. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious so go for it!

Angela Burton