Online Interviews – Make yours a doddle

by | 25.05.23

An online job interview is a modern way to speak with a potential employer and to show them why you might be the best candidate for their job. Interviews typically involve answering questions so you must be prepared to ensure that you can respond to each question asked effectively and completely. You also need to offer information about yourself and your work experience. So here we go…

Dress to Impress

Even though you are not visiting the Company’s office and are having an online interview you still need to dress professionally. The interviewer can see you so make sure you look the part, this is the first step in you making a good impression. Definitely dress to impress you’ll be amazed at the impact that it will have.

Make sure you are in a quiet space

Only ever complete an online interview in a private, quiet place. Never ever complete an interview from a public place like a café or a library. Interviews are private and you need to be able to speak plainly, sell yourself and make a positive impression. You definitely don’t want outside noises or distractions when you are trying to impress.

Test your technology

Make sure your equipment functions correctly. Don’t leave it to the time of the interview to check you’ve got a good internet connection and your camera is working properly. Ensure you have received a link from the employer before the interview, leave it to 15 minutes before the set time but if you haven’t got the link by then – chase them.

Use a neutral background

Having a neutral background can be a good way to appear professional during an online interview. A neutral background can reduce the potential for distractions occurring during your interview. You don’t want an employer to see your dirty dishes or the huge pile of ironing you’ve got to do. You are being judged in an interview so place your PC facing a blank wall in your home.

Practice Answering Questions

Much of an interview typically involves answering questions that you are asked. Questions could be about your work experience, relevant skills you might have or what aspects of your previous/ current role you like the most. Since most interview questions are designed to have multiple possible answers, practice your responses before the interview. Search online for common interview questions and formulate answers that you might use in a real interview.

Watch your Body Language

Think about how your body language might appear on camera. If you are confident with how you present yourself this will really help you in your interview. There are several different ways that someone might interpret body language. My advice to you is to sit upright and maintain eye contact during the interview. Personally, I would immediately right off a candidate who is sunk into their chair and doesn’t look at the screen.

Use a headset if you have one

Using headphones if you have them will increase the quality of the audio during an online call. This is hugely beneficial during an interview, it allows you to hear the interviewer clearly and to answer questions correctly, which will definitely increase your chance of being employed. Headphones won’t put an employer off you, they will be impressed with the fact you are so focused.

Keep notes on your screen

When preparing for an interview, it can be helpful to take notes to guide your answers. One benefit of completing an interview on an online platform is that you can use your notes without distracting your interviewer. You can also make a list of questions you want to ask about the job and keep these on your screen, that way you will be prepared when asked “Do you have any questions.” You won’t have to dread this question.

Make sure you follow up on your interview

After you complete a interview following up with the person who interviewed you might increase your chance of being offered the job as it will definitely show you have a genuine interest in the position. There are a few different ways that you can follow up with an interviewer such as sending them an email or calling them at work. Don’t think you are being pushy by doing this, most employers view it as a sign of keenness.

Stay Relaxed

While completing an interview can be a daunting experience it is important to remain calm during your call so that you maintain a professional and confident tone. This is because staying relaxed can help you speak clearly and uphold your body language which can help you appear professional and prepared. I know it’s hard to be relaxed but it’s important that you try. My method is deep breathing before I start and thinking “what’s the worst thing that can happen.” Well, the worst thing is you won’t get the job – but sometimes what will be will be.

So here you go. Most employers are conducting online interviews in the first instance nowadays. It saves everyone time and money. It’s a good sifting tool that companies now like to use so you need to be prepared for them when looking for a new job and hopefully the above tips can help you.

Angela Burton