Not Getting Job Interviews – Here’s Why

by | 06.05.21

Are you wondering why you have not been contacted for a job interview? Have you sat waiting for an email or call from an employer to arrange an interview and wonder why you have not been contacted? It is especially tough when you apply for a job that seems a perfect for your skills and experience. Why weren’t you picked? Why have not you heard from the employer after you spent so much time and effort writing the perfect cover letter and sending your well written CV? By spending some time reviewing your application, your qualifications and the job advert you may be able to answer some of these questions. More importantly, you may be able to change your application method and land an interview next time. Here are some of the areas you need to look at:

Your CV did not match the job you applied for

When you apply for a job nowadays there is a fair chance that you will be processed by an automated screening system but normally CVs are reviewed by a HR professional. If your CV does not match the requirements of the job its going to be automatically rejected. Its important to take the time to highlight the skills and experience that qualify you for the position on your CV. Employers are too busy to take time to figure out whether you are a strong applicant. They are looking for your CV to tell them why they should consider you.

You are overqualified

There is a perception that you can never be overqualified. Well, the fact is you can. Being overqualified will damage your application as much as being under qualified for the position. Use your cover letter explain why you are applying for the position, your enthusiasm for the role and what you can offer the organisation.

You don’t follow directions

By this I mean you did not supply all the information requested by the employer or follow the directions on the application. An easy way for an employer to narrow the applicant pool is to eliminate the candidates who did not provide the requested information. If you could not follow instructions when you applied for a job, the employer may doubt your ability to follow instructions in the workplace.

You haven’t shown off your accomplishments

You have been shy; your CV and cover letter do not reveal your accomplishments and do not show how you have supported the business with previous employers. Using numbers to list what you achieved in previous roles is a good way to highlight your accomplishments. Everyone will have achieved something even if it is something like changing the brand of the tea bags used to save money, so rack your brains.

You have made mistakes on your CV

When you prepare your CV, it is really important that you use spell check and proof read it carefully prior to sending it to any employer. If you have grammatical and/or spelling errors on your CV, you are not going to get an interview. So, you need to check carefully.

Your cover letter Is boring

If your cover letter is boring, generic, or not tailored to the job your application is likely to be rejected. The goal of a cover letter is to sell yourself. You should write about what you offer the company, not what you want in a job. Be specific and customize your cover letters so they highlight your best attributes.

Your cover letter is too short

If your cover letter is too short the employer will assume that you could not be bothered to put effort into getting their job. Be sure your letter includes all the components of a successful cover letter and is full of details about what you can offer the employer.

You are a job-hopper

The employer may have concerns about a pattern of job-hopping in your background. If you are worried about being considered a job hopper you can tweak your CV and maybe take out jobs you were in for less than six months. By doing this you will deemphasize the number of times you have changed jobs.

You lack qualifications

It could be possible you don’t possess a particular educational qualification that is required. Many jobs have a required level of education or equivalent experience. If you do not meet those requirements, you may not be considered for the position.

You are too expensive

If your salary expectations or your perceived salary requirements exceed what an employer can afford to pay your CV is going to be rejected. If you are thought to be too expensive you are defiantly not going to get an interview. Take the time to evaluate what you are worth and whether the job is a financial fit.

You are short on experience

It could be you lack relevant work experience within the role of the industry you are applying for, or you do not have the right experience you probably will not get an interview. It could be you have applied for a job a step or two further up the career ladder than you have the experience for. So be mindful what you are applying for.

The job is not right for you

If you are applying for jobs that you do not have the experience for then there is a 100% chance you are not going to get an interview. If the experience on your CV is not related to the position you have applied for you are going to be rejected immediately.

You cannot supply references

If you are unable to list potential references on your CV, you could be in trouble. If you are going to struggle to provide references full stop you could have a big problem. By listing potential referees, you could be supporting your application, so it is a good idea to list one or two on your CV.

You have huge gaps on your CV

It there are unexplained gaps in your employment you need to fill them. Glaring gaps on your CV could be a red flag for a prospective employer. They will defiantly wonder what you were doing during get the time you were not employed. Its easier for an employer to reject your application than ask you for that information so it is essential you give it to them.

 You are embarrassing on social media

A lot of employers now days will check out your online image. Its important that before you apply for a job that you look at your social media pages from an employer’s perspective. Have you carefully adjusted your privacy settings? Is everything showing appropriate for public viewing? Have you updated your LinkedIn profile so its comprehensive and showcases your skills and experience?

You do not live locally

If you live outside of the area where the employers are based there is a good chance you will be rejected because the employer wants a local person. This is not discrimination an employer can recruit from the local area if they prefer. So, if you are looking to relocate it could be tricky.

Other people are better qualified than you

I am sorry to tell you, but you may not be the best candidate who has applied for the role, in fact there could be 100s of people better than you who have sent in their CV. Take a look at the job description and consider whether your skills, experience and educational qualifications really match up, there is a good chance they won’t.

You are too slow applying

Nowadays you have to be quick of the mark when applying for a job. If you apply for a position later than other well qualified candidates, you are going to be put at the bottom of the pile. The employer may have already started interviewing for the role or maybe have hired someone already. You need to be quick, move yourself if you want to find a job.

I could go on and on as there are hundreds of reasons why you are not getting interviews but fundamentally if your skills, experience, and qualifications match the job advertised, you are quick of the mark and you present a good CV you should get an interview. You definitely will not get anywhere applying willy nilly for jobs you are not qualified for and for sure you will not get an interview if your CV and covering letter is rubbish. It takes hard work to get a job so put in the effort and I am sure it will happen for you.

Good Luck

Angela Burton