New Year – New Job

by | 08.01.21

As a really strange year finishes its time to look forward to the upcoming new year. For many of us that means looking for New year resolution ideas and setting new goals. But for lots of people in 2021 their resolution will be to get a new job. In order to do this, you need to be motivated, determined, focused and better than the competition. It is a very tough market, and you need to stand out above the rest. Here are some tips:

Set yourself a routine

You have been a couch potato for the whole of Christmas now is the time to move yourself. You need to set your alarm, plan your day and use your time wisely. You have job sites to search, LinkedIn and social media to check, Employment Agencies to talk to, Job Centres to visit and potential employers to research. Every day you should be spending at least four hours searching for a job.

Learn a new skill.

You’re at home looking for a job and it is an ideal time to improve your skills. No matter what field you are in there are hundreds of new skills you can learn that could benefit your career and improve your chance of getting a new job. Is there a skill you’ve been meaning to learn? Perhaps a software you know would be useful in your future career. Set yourself a goal and get it done. There are hundreds of online courses available out there. You won’t regret doing this. It can only enhance your chances of getting a job.

Read a career related or motivational book

You will need a lot of energy to get a job in the current market, you will also need bags of motivation. Reading does wonders for your mind. No matter what type of job you are looking for there is a book out there that can improve your performance, your outlook of your personal habits. Even if you think you already know what you need to know reading a great book on professional development can only give you a new perspective.

Improve your CV

When was the last time you gave your CV a thorough look at? Is the style still current? Is it too long? Have you put too much personal information in it? Would it be clear what your day-to-day duties are in your current / last role? Have you spell checked it? The ideal CV should be no longer than two pages and should be clear and concise. Your contact details should be clearly show and your skills (hard or soft) be obvious. No employer wants to know what you were doing 20 years ago, five year of your history is sufficient. Also remember to list your hobbies and interests as this gives employers an insight to you personally. Remember socialising and going out with friends is not an interest and hopefully not a hobby.

Sort out your LinkedIn

How does your profile look on LinkedIn? In the professional world LinkedIn is crucial to your overall personal brand. Just like you CV you need to keep the information, tone and look of it up to date. Check out some of your connections’ profiles and see if they are doing anything different to you that grabs your attention. If so, tweak your page to create a similar effect. If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile get one. If you want help in writing a winning LinkedIn profile to support your search consider investing in an expert who will produce one for you.

Sign up to follow one relevant blog

There is a world of free information out there, insider tips and great motivational writers online. We’d obviously like you to follow our blog postings but we don’t mind you following others lol. Find a blog you enjoy whether its specific to the type of work you do, job search tips or just someone who gets you motivated. Reading a useful blog which could help you get a job is better and more productive than watching daytime TV for hours on end.

Get a professional headshot done

If you cringe every time you look at your profile picture photo on LinkedIn, then consider the New Year as a great time to invest in a new one. Depending on your career goals and the type of company culture you like best your profile photo may be casual or professional in its nature. The key is to select a photo which is high quality. Most importantly you want a picture that truly represents who you are both professionally and personally.

Decide what you are prepared to compromise on

As the market is so terrible at the moment and likely to be this way for some time there may be compromises you will have to make. It could be that you will have to travel further to work, it maybe you will need to work longer hours and quite possibly you may have to take a salary drop. Now is not the time at improving your work-life balance as its unlikely that is going to happen. Its also not a good time to look at improving your career. Obviously, there are somethings you may not be able to compromise on, but you need to decide what you are able to be flexible about and what is set in concrete.


Don’t be idle do voluntary.

Instead of sitting on your butt feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have a job why not do voluntary work. Volunteering is a great way to positively affect the world and its also a good way to make you feel better about yourself find a cause that is meaningful to you, i.e.: Working in a Charity Shop, helping out in a nursery, working in a Care Home or acting as a Prison Visitor. Whatever you like. If you really want to step up your game, you could even organise an event to raise money for your favourite charity. Anything rather than brooding about being unemployed.

Go back to School

Studying is a great way of keeping yourself busy and helping you get a job. Any extra professional or academic qualification you could get will be helpful. Think about the jobs you are applying for, if you are in accounts why not start an AAT course. If you are in customer service how about an NVQ in customer service. What about doing an open University course if you did not get a degree when you left education. Even if it’s a case of improving you IT skills, learning new up to date software applications is definitely going to be useful and something which will only enhance your CV. Give it a try, most courses can be done online now days and are usually free. What’s holding you back?

Consider changing your career

Being unemployed is a good time to assess if what you are doing is right for you. Whilst it will be virtually impossible to change your career in the commercial sector, it is a good time to perhaps look into a new area. For instance, have you considered teaching, entering the police service, joining the fire service, training in nursing, working in the care sector or being a Prison Officer? I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the drift. Think about it, you have the opportunity, what have you got to lose. It may mean training or taking a few extra qualifications, but it could lead you into an area you’ve always wanted to work in but never thought you could. Now is the time to be brave.

I hope this has helped you, even if only a little bit. I know how terrible it is out there if you are unemployed, I see 100s of CVs everyday from people who probably never thought they would be unemployed. I’m a firm believer that there is a job out there for everyone, you just need to work very hard at the moment to find it and in order to do this you must be diligent, enterprising industrious.

Good Luck

Angela Burton