Nail a job offer

by | 18.03.21

Most candidates go to an interview fearing the unknown, or at the very least knowing very little about what to expect. In a difficult market when you are competing with many other candidates with similar qualifications and experience for the same job you need to make a strong case to convince the employer to give the job to you. If you really want to have a decent shot at converting an interview opportunity into a job offer you need to be able to differentiate yourself from other candidates and make a strong impression. Here are some tips:

Make time work for you

An interview, be it online or on a face to face basis, will rarely last longer than an hour. The time you spend with the employer needs to be well managed and have a clear focus and intent. Make the time work for you, ensure the interview is conducted around your strengths and experience and make a strong case for them to employ you

 Dress to impress

The first impression is what usually counts. Apparently employers make up their minds whether a candidate is right for them within minutes of meeting them. Don’t even consider the thought of dressing up casually for either an online or face to face interview. A well dressed candidate demonstrates intent and enthusiasm for the job. Anything else implies a lack of interest for the opportunity. Formal wear works best in most cases. Safer choices work best as the risk reward is in your favor. Dressing adventurously may impress only some people, but the interview discussion is key to getting a job offer, not a conversation about what you are wearing. So make a safe choice 

Watch your face

Ensure that your facial expressions are welcoming, yet strong, the number one way to show an employer you are warm, friendly and engaged is to simply smile. As people attribute all kinds of good things to people who smile at us, such as happiness, attractiveness, sociability and success the person who interviews will have a similar perception. Good eye contact projects strength and confidence. It will assist you in establishing mutual understanding aka sharing a common perspective. Conversely a lack of eye contact will tell the employer that you may not be sharing the full story with them.

Tell them what they want to hear

Don’t focus on what you want and give the employer what they want. In order to do so, you must ask yourself what traits do employers want in their employees. Well among other things, employers make job offers to candidates who can show they are knowledgeable about the job they have applied for, demonstrate they have researched the company, show experience, and prove they are reliable and capable

Make the interviewer feel important

Show enthusiasm for the job. Be excited to be in the office, listen to every word the interviewer says, do your research on the company and display sincere appreciation for the employer’s time. A simple “I know you’re busy, but I really appreciate you giving me this time” will make all the difference to how the employer views you

Be a creep

If you’re like any other human being on this planet you spend 95% of the time you spend thinking about yourself and your needs. When you’re in an interview situation you have got to forget about what you want and think about what the employer wants, if you do this your will make a significantly better impression. There is always something about an organization, it could be they have been going for hundreds of years or if could be they make a unique product or provide a much needed service. You simple need to discover what is wonderful about the company you have applied to work for and let them know you think they are fantastic and would love to work for them. However, be cautious, as insincere flattery will have the opposite of the desired effect

Make them like you

Employers hire and promote people they like, its imperative to make an employer want to give you a job. The clearest path to being liked is to come across warm, friendly and interested. It’s very simple. You need to connect with the interviewer and hopefully get them to like you on a personal level. The employer also needs to believe you will fit into the team they have and the team will like you as well , so developing likeability is essential

Tell them you are a fast learner

Not everyone is born a genius. In fact, even geniuses have a hard time impressing people around them. So if you are not a genius, but next best thing to demonstrate is that you are a fast learner and that you enjoy learning new tasks. If you can give an example in your career or in your life where you have learned something quickly. By convincing an employer that you can pick things up quickly will cover any gaps you have in your CV or experience.

Offer references

For an employer to now that someone is credible and that your last employer is willing is recommend you is invaluable validation or your capability. Having a copy of a reference from a previous employer is a very important tool to have in your bag. You can send a prospective employer a copy of any references you have when you send them your CV. But the very best time to let an employer have a copy of your reference is at the tail end of an interview. A reference could just seal the deal.

 Don’t be afraid to appear ambitious

In an interview your main aim is to impress the employer. Its not a no-go to appear ambitious as long as you don’t appear unrealistic. For instance it would be wrong to say in an interview “when can I be expected to be promoted?” However it is perfectly okay to state that you want to learn as much as possible in order that you can make a positive contribution to the company

Boast about your experience and qualifications

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet, do tell the employer how your experience could benefit them and how your skills make you perfect for the role. If you have pursued any certification or higher academic course that makes sense to the employers areas of work or job specification, do mention it. This could build your credibility and improve your position over other candidates.

Highlight your good deeds

Many employers build their organizations around strong values. Knowing that their employers share similar values could clinch a job offer. So if you do any charitable work, if you volunteer in any capacity or if you provide any support in the community make sure you mention it.

Show off your achievements

At the end of an interview it is always important to tell the employer you want the job. Obviously don’t say you do it you don’t, but if you do make sure they know. Its also a good idea just before you go to remind the employer why would be suitable. You need to do this in about 20 seconds, any longer and you could be considered boring. Just summarize quickly how much you would like to work there and how much experience and what skills you can bring to the role.

Never ever say

Be very careful about appearing desperate to get a job, any job, not necessarily the job you are interviewing for. Employers want committed employees not someone who just wants a wage packet at the end of the month. The other thing to avoid is bad mouthing your current / last employer. It doesn’t matter why you are leaving or have left your position or what your views of your employer or line manager are keep them to yourself. No one likes a moany disgruntled person particularly a potential employer. They could form the option that you will be a troublemaker.

These tactics are not intended to trick an employer into choosing you. You might be able to take in the person who is interviewing you but if your experience is not right no matter how you come across you are not going to get a job offer. But with all things equal as long as, your skills and experience match the job requirements these interview techniques will up your chances of getting a job offer. Most job seekers do not attend interviews primed to make the most of their intangible interpersonal skills, so make the most of yours they will set you apart from everyone else

Good Luck

Angela Burton