Make your temp job a permanent one

by | 15.06.22

Covid resulted in a lot of people losing their jobs and when things started to open up many people decided to take temporary assignments rather than go straight into a permanent job. But long-term temporary work really isn’t a good career choice for everyone. For some people it works because they love the flexibility temporary work offers but for most people, they want the security of a permanent position where they can settle, receive a regular income and form a long-term career. Doing temporary work is the ideal way to find a permanent job, you get to test the role and the people your work colleagues before you commit yourself. So, if you want to turn your temp role into a permanent position here’s how:

Bring with you a ‘can do’ attitude

Be willing to do anything. Approach every project with a positive attitude and prove that you can be a valuable addition to the company. Make yourself truly indispensable to your employer and they may consider offering you a longer-term position. Everyone likes a flexible, adaptable person who is willing to get involved so make sure you appear enthusiastic at all times. By doing this you could get a permanent job offer.

Think of your temp assignment as an ongoing interview

Your temp assignment is an opportunity for the employer to try before they buy so go above and beyond for them. If you’ve finished your assigned tasks, then ask what else you can do to help. Demonstrate that you have an outstanding work ethic and energy. Show them how responsible and dependable you are and become so valuable that they can’t imagine functioning without you. Don’t have the “it’s just a temp job” attitude and it may just turn into a permanent one.

Look the part

It’s simple really…dress for the job you want. You never know who you’ll meet when your there, a Director could walk past so always make sure you are dressed to impress regardless of how other colleagues may be dressed. Apart from what you wear look at how you look make sure your hair, makeup if you wear it, shoes etc are immaculate. Dress like a Manager and I promise you that you will stand out and this could lead to a permanent job offer.

Keep your eyes and ears open

 Observe as much as you can about the organisation. Identify their needs and consider how you can help them. Be inquisitive, ask questions and show interest. As they say knowledge is power; so, the more you know about the Company and how it functions the better understanding you’ll have to turn this temp job into a permanent role. Needless to say, once you’re in the Company, you’ll be able to see any internal vacancies that you may never know about otherwise. Apply immediately if they are right for you.

Fit in and be a team player

 It’s extremely important to establish a rapport with your colleagues. Those considering hiring you for a permanent position will be looking at how well you fit into the already existing team. Apart from building a rapport with workmates also make sure you help them out if you can. When you’ve finished your job always volunteer to help others. Believe me if your colleagues like they will recommend you to the Manager for permanent role.

Use your initiative

Employers love it if you take the initiative or make suggestions — especially those that will increase productivity, efficiency and profitability, so show how you can add value and look for opportunities to showcase your skills and improve your chances of increasing your value and landing a permanent position. Take care though don’t rush off and start changing systems without getting your bosses approval first. All employers love someone who brings ideas so by doing this you could bag a permanent job.

Complete set work to a high standard

Although it’s all well and good helping in areas that you see could be more efficient, be sure to still have the specific tasks you have been assigned done to the highest standard and don’t let anything distract or take you away from your actual job. Never try to run before you can walk. You’ve been booked to cover a particular job so make sure that you do that job to the very best of your ability. Doing this could result in a permanent job offer.

Speak up

 So, you want to turn your temp job into a permanent role? Then simply vocalise that to your line Manager, express interest and ask if there is an opportunity. Take the guess work out of it and ask. Many employers think that temps don’t want a permanent position so make sure you let the company you are working with know you want a permanent position. This little act could result in an immediate job offer.

Network, network, network

Temping is a terrific networking opportunity, you’ll be mingling with Department Heads, Supervisors, Executives, human-resource people and others with influence so be sure to socialise. Make sure they know who you are and what you are doing. Also make sure you make an impression on them by working hard and looking good. It could be that there are other positions in the company that could be right for you and just by being noticed could land you one.

Know the company inside and out

 Don’t go into any temporary job thinking “oh well it’s only a temp job”. Research as much as you can about the Company, including what they do, what their aims are and how long they’ve been established. Having this information will also help you to decide whether this is a company you would like to work for on a permanent basis. This knowledge will also help you to do a good job and by doing a good job you could get a permanent job offer.

So finally, even if you work your socks off and impress during your temporary contract, it may be beyond the employers’ control to make your job a permanent position, so if you’re not offered a permanent job when your temp assignment ends, don’t be too disappointed. You’ll have other opportunities and at least in the meantime know that you did all you could and will gain good references. But remember, keep in touch…your supervisor is now a part of your network, and you never know what can happen.

Good Luck