Magic A Temp Job Into A Forever Job

by | 15.12.22

Most people don’t choose to do temporary work as a career. Most people really want to obtain a permanent job in which settle and call their own. Temporary work however can be am excellent way of getting a permanent job and better still you get to try it before you buy it! It isn’t hard to turn a temp job into a permanent one, here are our top tips:

Show willing

Be willing to do anything. Approach every task you are given with a positive approach and prove that you can be a valuable addition. Make yourself truly indispensable to your employer and they may consider offering you a longer term position.

Think of your temp job as an ongoing interview

Your temp assignment is an opportunity for the employer to try before they buy so go above and beyond for them. If you’ve finished your assigned tasks then ask what else you can do to help. Demonstrate that you have an outstanding work ethic and energy. Show them how responsible and dependable you are and become so valuable that they can’t imagine functioning without you. Don’t have the “it’s just a temp job” attitude and it may just turn into a permanent role.

Dress to impress

It’s simple really…dress for the job you want. You never know who you’ll meet when you are there, a Director could walk past so always make sure you are dressed to impress regardless of how other colleagues may be dressed.

Be nosey

Observe as much as you can about the organisation. Identify their needs and consider how you can help them. Be inquisitive, ask questions and show interest. As they say knowledge is power; so the more you know about the Company and how it functions the better understanding you’ll have to turn this temp job into a permanent role. Needless to say once you’re in the Company, you’ll be able to see any internal vacancies that you may never know about otherwise.

Make friends

It’s extremely important to establish a rapport with your colleagues. Those considering employing you for a permanent position will be looking at how well you fit into the already existing team, so be friendly. Networking after all is always a good idea.

Don’t hold back

Employers love it if you take the initiative to make suggestions – especially those that will increase productivity, efficiency and profitability, so show how you can add value and look for opportunities to showcase your skills and improve your chances of increasing your value and landing a permanent position.

Make sure your work is good

Although it’s all well and good helping in areas that you see could be more efficient but be sure to still have the specific tasks you have been assigned done to the highest standard and don’t let anything distract or take you away from your actual job.

Don’t be afraid to ask

So you want to turn your temp job into a permanent role? Then simply vocalise this to your line Manager, express interest and ask if there is an opportunity. Take the guess work out of it and ask. Remember the old proverb – if you don’t ask – you don’t get.

Be a networker

Temping is a terrific networking opportunity, you’ll be mingling with department heads, supervisors, executives, human-resource people and others with influence so be sure to socialise. Try making friends in high places you never know what opportunities this will bring.

Know who you are working for

Don’t go into any temporary job thinking “oh well it’s only a temp job” research as much as you can about the Company, including what they do, what their aims are and how long they’ve been established. There is no point in working for someone you don’t know because if you are offered a job with them you won’t know whether to take it or not.

Even if you work your socks off and impress during your temporary contract, it may be beyond their control to make your job a permanent position, so if you’re not offered a permanent job when your temp assignment ends, don’t be too disappointed. You’ll have other opportunities and at least in the meantime know that you did all you could and will gain good references. But remember, keep in touch…your supervisor is now a part of your network and you never know what can happen.

Good Luck!


Angela Burton