Jobs To Dream About

by | 28.01.21

Finding a job in the current marker is a nightmare, hundreds of jobs are disappearing and very few new jobs are materialising so if you are looking for a job at the moment I’m sure you are finding the process very hard going and extremely frustrating. Perhaps a little day dream will help , think about the most wonderful job in the world and imagine yourself in it. Here are some ideas for your dreams:


Professional Snuggler

A professional snuggler platonically snuggles with clients in a cuddle session. The cuddle session is usually conducted in a studio or clinic. In the session the interaction between the professional snuggler and the client is not limited to snuggling. You can chat, have a meal , play chess , whatever you like as long as it stays platonic.


Actor Stand-In

Stand-ins substitute for actors before filming , typically for time-consuming technical purposes such as lighting and camera setup. They usually share similar physical characteristics with the actor. They allow directors to adjust the lighting and camera set up to obtain a brilliant cinema to graphic outcome even in the absence of the actors.


Cruise Ship Entertainer

Working on a cruise ship sounds like a never-ending holiday. Entertainers get to go astione when the ship is in port, so you enjoy a unique travel experience- along with free room and board. Dancers, magicians , comedians , musicians and other performances rehearse during the day and preform a few hours at night.


Lego Master Builder

Who would not want to get paid to play with Lego all day? Master Lego builders create larger than life statues and art installations. You are given a project to complete and these are used in theme parks, shops, in advertisements etc. Projects can last for between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the complexity of what you are building.



Becoming a zookeeper may be the closest you’ll ever get to exotic animals like lions, tigers and elephants. Zoo animals require care 24 hours a day, seven days a week which means zookeepers work nights, weekends and bank holidays. If animals are your thing this is great way of spending lots of time with them.


Personal Trainer

If you love fitness and like the idea of pushing people around (for their own good) becoming personal trainer can be a great career. Obviously, personal trainers to the stars earns a fortune, but even working for yourself and having private clients provides enormous rewards , you work the hours you want and there are really no overheads.


Stunt performer

Behind every action film star is a fearless stunt double. Rather than getting paid by the hour stunt performers usually receive a flat fee for the days they needed on set. Skills very much in demand are skateboarding, motorcycling , driving , swimming and climbing. Being able to take a punch is also very useful in some cases.


Beer Brewer

Brew masters make beer for living but don’t think they spend all of their time downing pints. Their job includes testing new recipes , making the beer, bottling up prepared beer and maintaining brewing equipment. They also have to sell what they make,  an independent brewer usually does this initially via farmer markets. Obviously a lot of product tasting takes place, but definitely not all day.



Making great tasting wine can be complicated and requires a lot of knowledge. Some winemakers work for large winerys, while others decide to buy a vineyard and venture out on their own. Again like a brew master it’s not all about tasting the product its also about devising recipes, bottling prepared wine, maintaining the wine making equipment and caring for vines. Also, the product will need marketing either directly or by selling into retailers.


Concert Promoter

A concert promoter works with Band Managers to book concert venues for their acts and advertise upcoming shows. There are major perks with this job including travelling all over the world, getting to meet the rich and famous and getting free concert tickets. One of the biggest benefits though is being able to boast “I’m with the band” .


Dog Walker

If you really love dogs, walking them could be a dream job. You would be a free agent. Yes, you have to advertise for work but apart from that you have no costs.  Most dog owners who are working all day understand the benefit of having someone picking up their pooch once or twice a day and taking it out for an hour or so. You’ll be in the fresh air and with animals you love.


Computer Game Designer

Imagine being made to design games for computers? Whoever designed Fortnite must be a millionaire. If you understand the workings of computer software and are able to create interesting characters, scenarios and rules whilst also handling the coding aspect of the job then this could be something you could do.



There is no entry exam to be a musician just the ability to play an instrument well. Musicians work in a variety in settings. Some perform original work and make albums or play live performances. Others participate in an orchestra or play classic arrangements. Some musicians help score movies or other recorded performances.


Event planner

What could be better than arranging a party? Event planners handle all the details associated with events like weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties , corporate do’s and other large scale gatherings. This includes tasks like managing catering, decorations, seating arrangements , waiting staff and entertainment requirements.


Personal Shopper

Imagine being paid to go shopping? Imagine having unlimited money to spend? As a personal shopper you will handle all aspects of shopping. They help rich and privileged clients select items like clothing, household goods, holidays and even homes. In some cases, a personal shopper will actually purchase goods on behalf of the client without them actually seeing or viewing what they are getting there is so much trust in place.


There you go, jobs to dream about, but there is no real reason why you cannot pursue your dream job even in these terrible times. It may mean specialist training , further education or perfecting a skill you already have but if you want something badly enough there is no reason why you can’t get it.

Good Luck

Angela Burton