Is your boss a great boss?

by | 04.03.19

Bosses are often the main reason people either love or hate their jobs. A good boss is the umbilical cord that ties employees to an organisation and if that cord is damaged employees eventually leave. If you are lucky enough to have a great boss please don’t take that relationship for granted.


This is what we think makes a boss great:-


They set clear expectations

A good boss sits down with new employee’s right from the start and tells them their priorities. An effective boss defines “good performance” and ensures you know what their expectations are.

They train and coach

A good boss views their position as both a leader and a teacher, someone who educates and encourages their team and leads by example. An effective boss does not assume employees know what to do and is there to help if needed.


They give feedback

Some bosses wait until a formal review to relay feedback to their employees. A good boss provides feedback along the way. This could be positive or negative feedback but you will know where you stand.


They recognise efforts

Employees need to feel appreciated, a great boss is aware of this and they constantly recognise good performance in the workplace and lets the employee know they are doing a good job.


They are inclusive

It is essential for employees to feel like equals. A great boss creates an environment based on integrity, trust and respect. They encourage feedback, innovation and creativity from their employees


They get to know their employees

A great boss makes themselves available, when an employee speaks to them they give the individual their full attention. An effective boss takes a personal interest in their employee’s lives. They don’t pry, but try to get a better understanding of the individual.


They find each employees unique talents

A great boss observes their employees to identify what they do best. They talk to their staff to establish what aspects of their job they enjoy the most. A good boss taps into employee skills and helps them to achieve their ambitions.


They are fearless

A good boss encourages employees not to be scared of making mistakes along the way. A great boss encourages learning and the best way to learn is by your mistakes. Fear only inhibits growth – a good boss uses mistakes as tools.


They are honest and truthful

A great boss is direct but sensitive. They realise communication is essential. If they see an employee’s performance slipping they won’t wait very long to talk about it. They never dodge the truth, nor do they keep information back that could help their employees


They are made – not necessarily born

It is true that some bosses are natural leaders and are able to motivate and inspire others. That said, much of what it takes to be an effective boss is learned behaviour. A great boss stays great by working at their craft and respecting their employees.


Would you say you had a great boss?