Is it time you left your job?

by | 20.05.19

There are many reasons why you should leave your current job but generally they fall into one main category – life is too short!

Life is too short to go home everyday feeling unfulfilled. Life is too short to work for a horrible boss. Life is too short to go home every day feeling abused, not taken seriously and feeling taken advantage of.

If your friend or partner told you “I hate my job, I’m bored, frustrated, feel like I’m going nowhere” wouldn’t you tell them to find a new job?

Here are some reasons why you should be looking for something better – life is too short not to care

Your ideas are ridiculed

Everyone has ideas and everyone loves it when their ideas are taken seriously. If your boss laughs at your ideas, its demotivating. Time to leave

You are publicly criticised

We all need constructive criticism, everyone needs to be told if they have done something wrong – but it needs to be done privately. Time to leave

You never get thanked

Everyone needs praise. It is important that we are told when we have done something well and at the end of the day we all do “some” things well. Time to leave

Your boss can’t manage

A good boss focuses their time on developing, nurturing, training their team. A poor boss will spend all their day focusing on themselves. Time to leave

You feel you have no purpose

Everyone likes to feel part of something, we all want to feel we are having an impact in the workplace and you are not just a body in the corner. Time to leave

You feel like a number

If your boss doesn’t occasionally ask you about your family or has an informal conversation with you then you  are just a cog in a larger machine. Time to leave

You are bored

Every job should have fun moments or exciting moments. You should look forward to going to work. Time to leave

There is no future

Every job should lead to something, maybe promotion or the chance to learn new skills. Tomorrow should have the potential to be different from today. No job should be without potential. Time to leave

Your dreams are your own

Whilst no-one has the same dreams and ambitions as you life is too short to spend working with people you have nothing in common with, you need to be with people who share your interests and passions. Time to leave

You are in a rut

You believe you will never find a better job, you are comfortable in your current role it feels like an old pair of slippers or you are frightened of being rejected. Time to leave

Life really is too short to just stay in the role where you are because you are afraid to move on – maybe it’s time to leave

Happy job search!