Interview Attire – Good vs Bad

by | 24.06.19

Although you probably spend a great deal of time before an interview researching the Company you are going to and preparing for whatever tough questions that might come your way, how much time do you spend on what you are going to wear?

Everyone says, “dress for the job you are going for”, don’t be too fashionable, don’t look overdressed or inappropriately dressed and definitely don’t look as if you have just rolled out of bed

What you wear and equally important the colours you wear when going for an interview are really, really important – here are some tips:

What to wear

No matter what type of job you are applying for you should dress professionally, a suit, a smart dress, skirt and smart top, trousers and shirt or blouse are the most suitable clothes to wear

What is the best colour to wear

Blue is the best colour, apparently blue sends the message that you are trustworthy, credible and honest. All things a new employer wants assurance of

What is the safest colour to wear

Black is a very safe colour as is grey. If you want to convey leadership and independence then these should be the colours you choose

What colours should you avoid

Definitely avoid orange and red. Both of these colours are seen as challenging. They can be viewed as aggressive, bold, pushy and on occasion unprofessional

What about white

A white suit is probably too much of a statement but a white blouse or shirt is very professional and leads the employer to believe you are an organised and a careful worker

What not to wear

The list is endless but avoid at all costs jeans, leggings, tee shirts, cardigans and trainers, You are going for a job not out with friends – you need to make an impression

What to carry

A handbag or a brief case is acceptable to take to an interview, rucksacks, carrier bags, shopping bags etc. are not. Remember you are going for a job

Outdoor clothes

If the weather dictates you wearing a coat so be it, but take it off as soon as you arrive at the Company – under no circumstances should you sit in an interview with your coat on

Most of the advice we have given you is common sense but you would be surprised at what we have seen and experienced over the years, this includes football shirts, shorts, low top blouses and people sitting in coats looking as if they want to escape quickly. Give yourself an advantage – look the part – you will quickly see the difference it makes to your job search – the job offers will come rolling in.

Happy Job Searching