I can’t attend my interview because …

by | 19.01.24

We have been established now for over 32 years and believe me we have heard every excuse under the sun from candidates when they don’t want to attend an interview which we have arranged for them. Here are some tips on what ‘not’ to say if you can’t go or don’t want to go for an interview:

I have a family emergency

This excuse is actually quite clever as we can’t really ask you too many questions and therefore are unable to establish whether it is true or not. But here in lies the problem, without further details there is no credibility to it.

The bus/trains aren’t running

This can be a legitimate reason for not being able to attend an interview but only if there’s truth to it. There is a big difference in getting up late and missing the train and saying the trains are on strike. You will get caught out if you say this as we can check this out – so be careful.

I don’t think the job is for me

The whole point of a job interview is to establish whether or not the job is right for you, not just whether you are right for them. So how can you reasonably establish whether or not a job is right for you without first giving it a chance?

I’ve got food poisoning

We know food poisoning is relatively common among the population but believe me we hear this excuse five times a day, so when we are given this excuse we know it is fishy. So if you have food poisoning say something else – preferably something that’s contagious.

I’ve had a clothing disaster

Smart and comfortable clothes can increase your confidence significantly and will definitely boost your appeal if you present yourself in this way. But a clothing disaster is not a reasonable excuse to give for not attending an interview and just shows an employer you are totally disorganised.

I look terrible

If you look tired or plain awful on the day of your interview just grab a shower, eat something that’ll boost your energy and get over yourself. Not attending a job interview because you don’t look your best is totally unprofessional and giving this as an excuse is even worse.

I forgot I had another appointment

This excuse is actually okay so long as it is given well in advance of the interview. It is not an excuse for not attending at all and you should be asking for the interview to be rearranged. It is a terrible and downright rude to give this as an excuse on the day of the interview.

I got lost

This excuse stinks of disorganisation particularly if you are saying the Google Maps App or your Sat Nav messed up your journey. You should make sure know where you are going, getting lost just shows that you are disorganised and not taking your job search seriously.

I don’t need a job now

Oh good for you! Why were you looking for one in the first place then? You’ve wasted everyone’s time and this time could have been spent helping someone who seriously was looking for a job in the first place.

I forgot I had an interview

This is a very common excuse we receive and it’s also one of the worse ones we get. This not only shows a lack of organisation but also shows just how little you care about getting a new job. Don’t expect us to give you a second chance if you give us this excuse.

So there you are some of the most farcical reasons we get for not attending a job interview. If you have given any of these before feel free to feel bad and if you haven’t take note because a good excuse could just land you a second chance.

Angela Burton