How to take advantage of a buoyant job market

by | 23.09.21

At the moment the prospects for job hunters has never looked better. It’s a job candidates market, with employers competing for talent in an increasingly smaller and limited pond of available job seekers. Even if you are currently employed there are opportunities out there for a career-driven individual which are worth exploring. So how can you take advantage of today’s candidate-driven market? Here are some things you need to consider first:

You could earn money

With the pool of job-seekers shrinking, if you are the right person for a position you may have more power when it comes to negotiating your terms of employment. You may be able to get a pay rise and better benefits than you have in your current or previous job. Don’t over price yourself but you do stand a good chance of getting more money.

You could improve your career

Even if you are happy in your current position this may be the right time to find a job that’s the perfect fit for you which offers a better salary and more room for advancement.

You could ask for a pay rise

If you really don’t want to leave your current job this may be a good time to ask for a pay increase if you haven’t had one in a while. Do your research first to determined what would be a reasonable salary given your current position and experience. When you bring your request to your boss remind them of what you of what you have accomplished and brought to the table to benefit the company. Given the current job market your boss should be open to discussing your request.

You could change your career

Are you thinking about making a career change? With the volume of jobs around and staff shortages occurring in various areas such as healthcare the time might be right to make your move. Employers who are seeing less CVs that meet their criteria may be more open to someone bringing relevant or transferable skills and experience, they could be willing to train the right person.

You could be headhunted

You may not be thinking about changing your job or even asking for more money and are very happy to stay put in your current role. This makes you a ‘passive’ job candidate. In their quest to find the right employee employers hire Agencies to source desirable candidates from the already-employed and to steal people from their competitors. You may be approached with an opportunity you simply can’t pass up.

You need to be prepared

Regardless of why you want to move jobs you can’t assume that none of them normal rules apply. Just because it’s a candidates market you still need to be prepared to put the work in so that you are offered a more attractive role. You need to make a list of what distinguishes you from others in your position or other possible candidates chasing the same role. Don’t think you can just walk into a new position and demand more money this simply is not going to happen.

You need your CV to be first class

In order to take advantage of the current job market you need to position yourself as more than just the best possible candidate, you need to let any potential employer know you are the perfect fit. On your CV make sure you list the quantities that distinguish you for the job and put you above the rest of the applicants trying for the job you are after. Present your qualities prominently in a ‘Key Skills’ section at the top of your CV. Also make sure you mention things you have achieved in each job listed on your CV. A key thing through is to make sure your CV is well-aligned with the job you are after by highlighting the relevant experience you have.

You need to be prepared to impress

How well you perform in an interview really matters. There may not be many candidates around but believe me no employer is going to take someone on who they are not impressed with. You need to shine in an interview. Pull out all the stops and ensure you have the right outfit and you have done your research. A list of questions for the interviewer is also important as are well-prepared answers to possible questions you may be asked.

You need to know your worth

Before you start looking for a new role you need to do some research on the salaries and benefits being offered for the type of position you will be looking for. This is so you can determine the average and the top end for people doing your job or the job you aspire to do. You need to be well-informed when you get to the point where you are discussing salary requirements so doing your homework is important.

You need to brush up your negotiating skills

Having done your research on salaries you should now have the confidence to ask for what you are worth. It may be you are offered a role at less money than you want, this is the time to remember that you have advantage in a candidate-driven job market. Don’t let fear of losing the job opportunity stop you from asking for more. The key to negotiation is do it nicely. No-one wants to be aggressively told ‘I’ll only take the job if you pay me £££’. Making demands only irritates people. To negotiate successfully you need to remind the employer of the experience and skills you have to offer, also inform the employer that you have been looking at jobs paying more and believe you are worth a higher salary. Most employers unless they work on salary bands like the NHS will be open to negotiation, but be careful I have known employers to redraw job offers if a candidate pushes them too hard.

With all the opportunities now available for people looking for jobs to choose from there is no better time than the present to find the position or career that will be the most meaningful, enriching and best for you. Consider yourself empowered to get your career, as well as your life, to where you want to be.

Good Luck

Angela Burton