How to stand out in a very competitive job market

by | 17.08.20


Unemployment is on the increase because of the coronavirus, it’s high at the moment but forecast to keep growing until at least the end of the year.  The rate of people emerging onto the job market daily is incredible, making getting a job a very competitive sport.  There are large numbers of applications for very limited job openings so its really important that you stand out from the crowd.


How do you do this, well here are some very simple things that could help:


Engage in voluntary work

An advantageous way of increasing your chances of getting employed is to develop your curriculum vitae.  Gaps in employment can put potential employers off so it’s a good idea to engage in voluntary work.  This will keep your CV up to date and give you an edge over other people applying for jobs.


Write the perfect CV

Your CV is the first window where you show a potential employer your experience, skills and qualifications.  Also your CV should show a little bit of your personality.  The interview process starts with an assessment of your CV.  So, be sure yours is perfect and review it on a regular basis to ensure it is current and reflects you as you are today.


Build an online profile

Apart from a direct interview, the next reachable way for employers to assess potential employees is by viewing the social media profiles of applicants.  Recruiters see this as a medium where they can gather information on candidate’s views, interests etc.  So it’s advisable to be mindful of the information you share online.


Use LinkedIn

A very reliable social media platform that is very helpful in getting people jobs is LinkedIn.  It is the dragnet for a vast number of employers and where they fish for right people.  Most Companies have LinkedIn accounts.  Connect with as many reputable organisations as possible.  Make sure you develop your LinkedIn profile and keep you account active.  Regularly update your page by posting your interests.  Also get a colleagues and friends to testify to your achievements either in your previous job or socially.


Show Leadership Skills

Most employers want candidates with competent leadership skills.  Those who possess self motivation and a strong work ethnic are the most likely candidates to sail though job interviews.  The way you make decisions and judgements over certain situations can show you have the potential to be a good leader.  The language used when speaking verbally or in your CV is vital.  So be sure to brush up on your vocabulary or use a dictionary.


Acquire marketable skills

Skills are really important to any potential employer.  They will give you the edge over other competitive candidates.  Possessing a strong passion for work, the accomplishment of tasks and goals and the ability to solve problems with minimum or no assistance are essential in today’s job market.  Other basic marketable skills include being able to liaise well at all levels, numeracy and good IT knowledge.  Adaptability and flexibility are also important to any potential employer. These skills need to be demonstrated on your CV



Job portals and Employment Agencies allow job seekers and employers to connect.  Search for roles specific to the location you want to work in.  Most job sites and all Agencies only advertise up to date jobs, it’s a good idea to monitor job alerts and apply as soon as you see something that could be suitable.  Remember the early bird catches the worm.


Make sure you have good references

Rather than focus on what an employer can give you in terms of salary and other benefits in the current market you need to demonstrate what you can give them.  If you have had a successful career or done well in education it’s important that you let the prospective employer know.  Show them you can do it, have done it or capable of learning it.  This can be proven by adding potential reference information to your CV.


No matter how bad the market is, there will always be jobs available.  You have to look harder, put in more effort and try a little more but if you are determined you will find one.



Happy job hunting