How To Save Your Job

by | 25.02.21

Do you see signs that there is a possibility you could be let go from your job. Perhaps because of Covid your employer is really struggling financially. Maybe your company has lost a big contract, possibly corporate sales have dropped through the floor or maybe your working relationship with your boss has broken down. If you are aware of any of these issues you can’t afford to stick your head in the sand and hope it will pass you need to do something about it if you can. Here are some tips:

Talk to your boss

If your boss knows you are on your way out – but can’t tell you yet – chances are they are doing their very best to avoid conversation but you need to open the lines of communication without looking desperate. Unless they are a monster, if your boss knows you are to be let go, they probably feel really bad about the situation. The best thing to do is ask your boss for a meeting and talk about your day to day work, do not discuss the future of the company, your boss may choose this time to talk to you and give you the lowdown on the company, but don’t push it. Just make sure your boss is happy with the work you are doing and ask if there are any other tasks you can take on to help the company out during these bad times. If your boss won’t talk to you at all, you’ll at least know that things have gone beyond salvaging and you will be able to make other plans

Ask for a transfer

If you think you are going to be let go because your relationship with your boss has broken down perhaps it could be a good idea to ask for a transfer. Alternatively if the area of business you are working in is suffering but other areas are doing okay perhaps now is the time to move department. By moving to another area of the business you can get a fresh start and hopefully survive the storm.

Look for new business opportunities

Your company is suffering can you help them and thereby save your job. Can you think of any new sales areas that would suit your companies product, are there any side products your company could produce in order to create a wider market or maybe you can see ways the company could earn or save money. Think about it. If you have an idea put it on paper and present it to the management team. It could not only save your job, it could save other peoples as well ,so its worth thinking about.

Do some soul searching

Ask yourself am I still doing my job to the best of my ability or am I just going through the motions. During bad times employers look for weak employees to let go. People who are not contributing fully, or those who just do the minimum. If you want to keep your job during these terrible times you need to be seen to want it by putting everything you can into doing the best job possible. If you are a person who shies away from blowing your own trumpet and are working really hard, remember no one knows how hard you are working if you don’t tell them. Its not bragging if its true just make sure your boss knows.

Never say no

Its never a good idea to say no to extra responsibilities or new tasks. Employers want employees who are flexible and open to taking on extra work particularly during bad times. They don’t want employees who whine about every little change and bring down other employees and suck out all the positive energy in the room. Attitude is really important and a negative energy in the workplace hurts company culture. At the end of the day if a boss has to select someone for the chop its not going to be someone who gives 100% effort and is happy to take on extra duties, its going to be the person who regularly says no and won’t do more than they are paid for.

Don’t act the victim

Do you ever see yourself as a victim? Do you blame others for your lack of success and get defensive when constructive criticism is given? Do you feed off others pity and seek attention? Everyone has bad days at work and sometimes we feel we are not appreciated, this is acceptable, but no one wants to work with a moany individual. Believe me if you are a miserable sort you are going to be top of the list of those to be let go. Try changing your attitude it may help you keep your job.

Beware of being a challenger

Another type of person who could find themselves top of the “get rid of” list is someone who challenges authority all the time. If you are someone who likes to question everything your Manager probably struggles with you and when looking to cut numbers you are not going to be on his/her favorite list. There is nothing wrong with being a challenger, it means that often you have good ideas but it does make you hard to manage and it takes a special leader to manage you effectively. My advise to you is tone it down. Think about the team more and support your boss during these hard times otherwise there is a good chance you will get your P45

Don’t get discouraged

Its easy to get despondent during bad times particularly at work. But now is the time all workers need to be firing on all cylinders so pull yourself together. Don’t give up on your employer , do your best to contribute as much as you  can, if the phones aren’t ringing volunteer to call some clients to see if they have anything you can help them with. Be proactive. It may not make a difference to the end result, your employer may still have to let you go, but at least you can go with your head held high knowing you have done your very very best.

Be an expert

What I’m really saying is you need to be the best at the job you are doing. You may survive when other people are being let go based on your performance. This won’t necessarily save you when the company has to let people go in order to cut wage costs, but If you are valuable asset to your employer it could help you. The best worker is always recognized. Work hard and keep confident.

Even by following all the guidelines I have given you there is still a good possibility that you will loose your job through no fault of your own. Covid has caused world devastation and had an enormous impact on everyday life particularly the workplace and many many people are going to find themselves unemployed. If this is you, don’t panic with the right attitude, a tenacious nature and a bit of luck hopefully you will quickly find a new role. Remember we are always here if you need us.

Good Luck

Angela Burton