How to overcome job search obstacles

by | 23.02.23

Finding a job often comes with many obstacles and hurdles. But we’ve got your back as we’ve compiled the most common challenges – and their solutions – to help you succeed in your job search. So here we go:

You are short of time

Life is very busy and most of us have enormous demands on our time and looking for a job is just one more. So how do you squeeze a job search into your already overcrowded schedule especially when it is said that looking for a job is a full-time job in it self. So you need to be organised, use job portals and track your job search process carefully. Designating a certain time or the day to looking for a job is a good idea and during this time don’t allow distractions.

You have a poor online presence

Some of us have an excellent online presence, some of us particularly older individuals or people who have held the same job for a long time may never have developed an online profile. This is easy to fix. If you don’t have a strong online presence – create one. I’m not talking about a Facebook or Instagram account where you post holiday photos, I’m talking about Linked In where you can easily create a professional profile, upload your CV and post little stories, all of which will be accessible to potential employers.

You don’t have a network

The saying ‘its not what you know, its who you know’ is really relevant when you are job searching. the most common way of getting a job is via someone you know, someone making a recommendation for you or putting in a good word. But what if you don’t have a professional network? Well you need to create one. The appropriate use of social media, in all it’s forms, will allow you to reach the widest possible audience. Another option is to join professional organisations directly related to your field where you can develop a network of individuals with similar professional backgrounds.

You’re not getting interviews

Sometimes it seems that no matter how many times you send your CV out and no matter how many jobs you apply for – you just can’t get an interview. If this is the case the most likely cause is your CV. We have many blogs on our website about preparing a CV, read one or two or if you feel that you cannot be objective about yourself get a professional to prepare one for you. Yes there is such a thing as a professional CV writer – google it.

You’re not getting job offers

It’s very frustrating to go for lots of interviews you know you are qualified for and not get any job offers. You wait and wait, your frustration mounts and you begin to wonder if anyone will ever employ you. If this is what is happening to you perhaps you are not following up on your interviews. Do you send a ‘thank you’ email? This could be the difference between getting a second interview or even a job offer. Chase the employer by phone after one week to see when you can expect to hear from them. What do you have to loose by being pushy?

You don’t know where to look

This is a problem that first-time jobseekers and people who have been out of the market for some time often experience, they simply don’t know where to look for a job. You have a limited amount of time and don’t want to waste it chasing down a dead end. Given the multiple job portals available online this is an easy fix. If you want to conduct a broad job search and reach multiple companies choose large job sites. Alternatively us an Agency like ourselves and let us do the donkey work.

You have too much competition

Sometimes employers have many, many candidates apply for roles they are advertising and the competition can be fierce. Furthermore the ease of applying online translates into more people applying for the same positions. A good solution to this is to make sure you have an excellent CV – one that will help you stand out in the competition. Also make sure you are doing everything you can to successfully market yourself online i.e. via Linked In so employers can check you out.

You lack confidence

Lacking confidence is a problem which by no means is limited to your job search. However given the importance of finding the right job it is easy to become overwhelmed by the lack of confidence. The best way to overcome a lack of confidence is to arm yourself with knowledge, because knowledge equals power. You need to research specific Companies and the job market in general to establish where you could be comfortable and would feel confident and apply for any jobs you see in this area.

Employers love referrals

Sometimes employers don’t want to advertise vacancies or recruit openly. One of the reasons for this policy is that they simply prefer to recruit via referrals. Many Companies incentivise their employees and offer bonuses for referring potential employees. So you need to explore the hidden job market. This means talking to friends and associates to let them know you are on the job market and if they hear of any vacancies to let you know. Another simple and effective way of opening hidden doors is to contact a Company you are interested in working for directly by sending your CV to the HR Manager.

You do not recognise your strengths and weaknesses

It’s a given fact that you will be asked questions about your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview. Its one of the most common questions that is asked. So its really important that you are aware of what yours are. Performance reviews are an excellent resource for self-discovery as they will usually list your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. If you haven’t had a performance review there are plenty of career aptitude assessment tests available online to help you assess what your strengths and weaknesses are. A copy of this assessment could also be taken to the interview and shown to the interviewer if you want to.

So to finalise getting a new job is not that easy, very often there will be obstacles in your way, but if you want to work or want to move your career forward you will have to tackle these obstacles so get your running shoes on!

Good Luck!

Angela Burton