How to get the sack

by | 25.11.19

Getting the sack from a job is a definite low point in anyone’s career and it’s not what you want if you have a lifestyle that needs a salary to fund it. If it does happen this is a real blackmark on your work record and will unfortunately shine a bad light for your future career plans and will make your work choices a lot more difficult.

The good news though is that the reasons for getting sacked are generally avoidable, here are some of the most common reasons people are let go – avoid these actions at all costs…

Bad time keeping

Being late for work is sometimes unavoidable, the train or bus was cancelled, the traffic was terrible etc etc are valid excuses on occasion. But continuous lateness is viewed more seriously as it has cost and productivity implications to your employer. If your lateness is regular it could possibly result in a disciplinary procedure with dismissal the ultimate result. Remember getting to work on time is expected from all employees.

Poor performance

When a Company takes on a new employee this will involve a significant investment in time and money in terms of training.  So, it obviously makes sense that the employer wants you to be a success.  Most new jobs have a 3-month probation period, so during this time it is important that you perform and look to develop in the new job. Failure to come up to scratch could see the contract legally terminated. You are paid to perform so enough said.

Drinking at work

Gone are the days when you could pop round the corner with your colleagues and have a lunch time beverage or two. Years ago, many deals used to be struck in the pub or over a boozy lunch, but things aren’t what they used to be. Arriving at work smelling of alcohol will in itself raise a few eyebrows but to be incapable of carrying out your job because you have had a drink will lead to dismissal. Believe me being shown the door because you have had a drink will be worse than any hangover you have ever had.

Using your mobile phone

Everywhere you look at lunch time you will see legions of employees heading out of the office with their phone to their ear as they catch up with missed calls or friends. Employers are comfortable with this, what they are not comfortable with is you using worktime to interact with your mates. You are paid a salary to work not to constantly check your phone to take personal calls. Breaking this fundamental rule could lead to dismissal. Keep your phone in your pocket.

Using the internet

This is the same as using your phone at work, time spent surfing the net for shopping, social media or pleasure is time you are being paid to work. Your internet use can be monitored by the powers that be – so don’t do it. It goes without saying that looking at adult websites whist at work will only mean one thing – an instant sacking.

Fibbing on your CV

We all want a dream job and a rewarding career but fibbing to achieve your goal will only mean a short-lived taste of ‘success’. Not only is it a devious way to climb the career ladder but it shows you are a cheat, which is a shameful label to carry. You may think employers don’t check your educational and professional qualifications, or the length of time you were in previous roles or the salary your earned, but they do. You can’t wing it, although you may think you can. My advice to you is to tell the truth from the start as it may save you a lot of pain, embarrassment and a likelihood of getting the sack.


If you like a good gossip it simply will not look good if you are talking often and loosely about your employer or your colleagues in a negative way. This can cause no end to problems for you and will create division and tension. Although you may have personal feelings about the Company you work for, your boss or your colleagues, it is not a good idea to share them. Acting unprofessionally can be a sure way of being shown the door.

Stealing from your employer

Not only is theft a sacking offence it could also involve the Police being called in, so this action causes you double trouble. Taking a pen or a few paperclips won’t see you being dismissed but if a pattern of taking things home becomes apparent then your employer may think “what is this person capable of?” and trust in you will be lost and your employer will have no option but to dismiss you.

Falling asleep

To fall asleep at work in a bizarre way is like stealing from your employer. You are being paid to work not to have a snooze. It is difficult to fall asleep at work, but some people will go to extraordinary lengths to create a secret nest where they can slope off and have a kip. But beware your employer will note your absence from your desk. So we advise you to get to bed earlier or you could get the sack.


Aggressive behaviour can be frightening at any time and is likely to cause those witnessing it alarm and distress. Unfortunately, in the real-world aggressive behaviour is commonplace on our streets but to happen in the workplace is not acceptable under any circumstances. Frustration or stress may be central to someone at work losing control or having a heated argument which is not normally in their character. If this does happen to you, leave the office to cool down. Apologise and let your colleagues know you were out of order and that this will never happen again. However, if this aggressive behaviour becomes a regular occurrence your employer will soon nip it in the bud. No one wants to employ a negative and unruly individual so you know what will happen – you will get the sack.


Everyone likes a cheeky chappie but this behaviour is not always acceptable in the workplace. It’s all well and good having banter with your colleagues but be mindful it is not always the way to be with your boss. Rude, aggressive, inappropriate and even cheeky behaviour could result you in getting the sack. Furthermore arguing with your boss, even if you are convinced you are right is also a definitely no go.

So my advice to you is behave, be sensible and don’t take liberties, that way it won’t happen to you. 

Have a good day.