How to get someone the sack?

by | 06.09.19


Everyone gets annoyed with their colleagues from time to time, but if you work with someone who is genuinely incompetent, poses a threat to the safety of you and other workers, or who significantly harms the morale in the office, then it might be time to take action. This can be an awkward situation and here are some tips on how to deal with it professionally.


Make sure you have a good reason to get someone the sack

Simply disliking someone is not a reason for trying to get them the sack. You have a good case if your colleague is interfering with your ability to work, stealing Company time by being lazy or uncooperative, creating an unpleasant working environment or the person has sexually, physically or verbally harassed you or another colleague.


Get some support from your colleagues

Your complaint about a worker will seem way more valid if you have the support of colleagues. Ask around to see if anyone else feels the same way that you do about this person. If you do find one or more colleagues agree with your opinions, then ask whether they would be willing to join you in making a formal complaint.


Monitor this person’s behaviour

Pay attention to the colleague’s behaviour at work so that you have substantial evidence when you go to make a complaint, also keep a record of any incidents so your argument appears more valid and gives your Manager something to work from. Try to distinguish between serious indiscretions that affect the work environment and other incidents.

How to make a formal complaint

Use your judgement to determine who is the best person to make a complaint to and schedule a meeting. Bring your written notes with you to the meeting as well as any colleagues who also wish to complain. Ask that your complaint is confidential, this way you will avoid making an enemy of the colleague in question. Never make a complaint by email.


Plan what you are going to say

Think through the points you want to raise and present them in a calm and professional manner. If you make a complaint in an angry or emotional way your boss might think this is a personal matter that you are blowing out of proportion. Point out some of the persons good points but also outline clearly what aspect of their behaviour is unacceptable. Don’t ask your boss to sack the person that is their decision to make.


Let your boss deal with the situation

Once you have made a formal complaint it is no longer your responsibility to keep tabs on this person or to keep trying to get them the sack. Go back to focusing on your job and try to stay away from the colleague in question if they bother you.


Resort to being sneaky if needed

Before resorting to blatant sabotage help an incompetent colleague sabotage themselves. For instance if the person is constantly late for work invite them out on a work night and keep them up late, make sure your boss sees them rolling in late the next day. If your colleague uses bad language in the office try to make sure your boss is around when this is going on.

Consider being a saboteur

Sometimes you just want to get rid of someone but be careful if you attempt to manipulate things as you could end up the one getting the sack. Some wicked things you could try are sending rude emails to your boss from your colleagues’ computer, change their desktop save picture to a jobsite or accidentally remove their in tray so no work gets done.


Help them

While it may be your first reaction to want to get your colleague the sack, any way they leave the job is going to be good for you. Maybe that means telling them about a job you have seen advertised and encouraging them to apply for it, or continually talking to them about how bad the job is and convincing them to leave. If they think you are trying to help them and they do go you will be doing everyone a favour.


Good luck with this, there is nothing worse than working with someone who does not pull their weight or is unpleasant and if you feel strongly about this then maybe you need to do something.


Good luck!