How to Get Promoted

by | 15.09.23

Earning promotion is what most people really want. Promotion comes with a higher salary and gives you a real sense of accomplishment. To advance your career in a Company you will need to perform well and catch your boss’s attention. Here are some tips that will help increase your chances of promotion:

Give more value

If you want to earn promotion, you need to think about what your Company wants from you. Every employer wants their employees to contribute to the value of the Company so making a conscious effort to add value is one of the best ways to get promoted at work. So help out where you can and broaden your experience, also get in early and don’t leave on the dot of 5:30pm. Show commitment.

Study the people who have been promoted

To identify ways you might get promoted take a look at the people in your Company who have progressed. Look for common personality traits, achievements and habits among those who have successfully been promoted. For example, most employees tend to promote people with good social skills and who are team players. So don’t be shy, show what you are worth.

Get feedback from your boss

If you want to know exactly what it takes to get promoted your boss will probably be able to tell you. Don’t be afraid to ask what you need to do and express your desire to advance your career. Be as specific as you can when asking and follow any advice your boss gives you that will increase your chances of promotion.

Get noticed in the workplace

While working hard is important your efforts may go unnoticed if you never put yourself in a visible position. If you want to show your employer why you deserve to be promoted you need to be noticed for your contribution. Check in with your employer regularly to find out what they think about your performance. Another tip is to dress professionally and make a positive impression on your employer and work mates.

Demonstrate your leadership skills

As you move to higher positions you will need to continually improve your leadership skills. Become a role model for your work mates and gain their respect through your work performance. Plus whenever the opportunity arises, show your boss that you can lead and motivate your team members when needed.

Be a problem solver

Every business has inefficiencies and problems. You can distinguish yourself as an excellent employer and show your leadership potential by taking the initiative to solve them. Look around the office for things that hinder productivity, generate unnecessary costs or prevent the Company from achieving its goals. Then create a plan to improve these. Be a self-starter, someone who is in front of the game.

Be a positive presence in the office

Staying calm and positive under pressure is one of the most essential qualities of a good leader. By keeping calm and positive under pressure you are demonstrating the qualities of a good leader, by being positive about what you are doing, the Company and your boss you are demonstrating maturity which is a key management requirement.

Be someone with a strong work ethic

At the end of the day work performance is the most vital factor for obtaining promotion. Therefore you need to continually demonstrate a strong work ethic and strive to become the hardest working person in every situation. Stand out from your workmates and impress your boss, be punctual for work, meet your deadlines and dress like a Manager.

Motivate yourself all the time

Promotion does not always occur frequently, for some people it may take time to progress so you need to be continuously motivated and maintain the necessary effort to stay in the right direction to achieve promotion. Whenever you are in doubt ask yourself why you want to be promoted and why you should be promoted. Keep working hard and eventually it will happen.

The way of getting promoted is easy if the opportunity is there, you need to work hard, be committed, be a good example to others, provide value for money and look the part. If you are being overlooked maybe you are lacking in some area so take an honest look at yourself, I know this is hard because we all think we are wonderful but sometimes in life you have to do this in order to get on.

Good luck

Angela Burton