How to get on with work colleagues

by | 05.05.22

Figuring out how to get along with work colleagues can be hard. You don’t need to best friends with the people you work with, but you do need to find ways to develop a productive working relationship with people in your team. Many people spend more time with work makes than anyone else in their lives. Being able to get along with the people you work with can have several benefits both in and out of the workplace. One of the primary benefits is that it can increase your overall job satisfaction. When you look forward to seeing the people you work with everyday you will feel happier and more motivated. Here are some tips on how to make it work:

Start building relationships from the start

Getting on with your work mates begins the very first day you start a new job. When you begin a new position be sure to focus not only on learning your new role but also on meeting your colleagues and being friendly. For example, if your work mates all go to lunch together on a Wednesday, agree to go along with them or ask to join in.

Take the time to learn about people

Taking the time to learn about your work mates can have many benefits for your in-house social life. Showing an interest in other signals to them that you are open to forming friendships and also helps you figure out if you are compatible with a colleague. Next time you are at the coffee machine ask them about their weekend plans or what they’ve watched on TV recently. These types of questions may seem basic but can go a long way forward getting to know someone.

Show respect to your work mates

Showing respect for your work mates is an important part of getting along with them. There is a good chance that you won’t necessarily like every person you work with. In fact, this is to be expected and is a normal part of working in an office. However, no matter how challenging you find a person to be, showing them respect can ensure that the relationship remains positive and that your able to get along with them whilst in work.

Avoid oversharing

While you should certainly strive to be open and honest at work its also important to avoid oversharing about personal matters. Try to keep your work conversations positive and light when possible unless you are particularly close to someone. This can help you maintain a professional yet friendly relationship with your colleagues.

Keep your interactions with work mates positive

Keeping your conversation with work mates positive can improve you work relationship and boost office morale. While it may feel good in the moment to complain about your Manager or another work mate this can discourage others from wanting to talk to you. Avoiding gossip and overly negative conversations can have a positive effect on both your office relationships and overall job satisfaction.

Help new employees feel welcome

Starting a new job can feel challenging, especially when the workspace is full of already established relationships. When a new work mate starts take the time to welcome them into the office and get to know them. For example, you could ask your new work mate to come to lunch with you one day. This can not only give you the chance to get to know someone new at work but can also make your new work mates transition much easier and enjoyable.

Make getting you work done a priority

While it may seem obvious but focusing on your work each day can also be an important part of getting on with your work mates. If you spend too much time socialising, you may find it hard to complete your daily tasks. As a result, your work mates may have to take on more work to account for what you are unable to complete. When you make getting your own work done a priority, you prevent your work mates from having to perform additional tasks and contributes to more friendly and productive work environment.

Be Approachable

Making yourself approachable in the workplace can also improve your relationships with your work mates. If you work in a closed office, be sure to keep your door open, when possible, to let your work mates know you’re available. If you work in an open plan office try not to have headphones on all day so that others have the opportunity to chat with you when needed. This is an especially important tip for Managers and employers.

Work with other teams if possible

It is often easy to work with the same group of people each day, especially if you are part of a team that never changes. When possible, try to work with other teams throughout your workplace. This will allow you to meet new people and potentially make new work friends.

Practice being respectful to others

Showing up to work on time, wearing appropriate attire and keeping your mobile phone on silent are all respectful things to do and can promote work-mate relationships. Additional examples of respectful behavior that can help you get on with work mates include practicing good email etiquette, keeping your voice low when chatting with others and using appropriate language in the workplace.

So, to finalise, work mates are an important part of everyone’s life but unlike friends you don’t get to choose them they are forced on you. It’s really important because work takes up so much of your day that it is a happy environment , so maybe sometimes you will have to bite your tongue , maybe sometimes you will have to smile and maybe there will be occasions when you have to walk away from situations but believe me getting on with work colleagues is crucial to your success at work and will enhance your day to day life.

Good Luck

Angela Burton