How to get a job without experience

by | 22.01.19

Maybe you have recently graduated or finished College and are on the market seeking your first “proper” job. Or perhaps you are looking to change direction in your career and try something new. Either way, you are facing a major challenge but let us help you.

Know the relevance of your skill set

Some educational qualifications, such as law and accountancy, show clear career paths. In contrast geography and history are ranked lowest for helping graduates obtain employment. Many employers fail to appreciate how skills gained studying for these courses are equally valuable – this is why it is vital you communicate the relevance of your skill set. Think hard about what your education has given you the ability to do and how you can apply this in the workplace.

Integrity and trustworthiness are qualities that are essential in the workplace…

Show you can learn, relearn and learn again

The ability to learn new skills is vital for the workplace of the future. So the key thing to demonstrate to employers is that you have the work ethic and ability to learn new skills. Likewise it is important to realise that your current skills are not necessarily outdated. For instance you may be an older candidate and wary of social media but I bet you can write a professional business letter and engage with people of all levels.

Control your own destiny

Setting personal goals and self-leadership is all about taking responsibility for your own actions. The ability to drive your own professional progression can have a transformative effect on your employers business. It is a very attractive trait for employers and of course it is transferrable to all jobs. On your CV, online profiles and during interviews give clear examples of any training completed or qualifications achieved in previous jobs. Make it very clear to a prospective employer how study has developed you professionally.

Selling yourself is definitely a skill

Don’t just provide a list of skills and qualifications when communicating with employers. Each time you apply for a role go over all your attributes and look at them from the perspective of that particular job. This may make job hunting more time consuming than you are used to, but five jobs applied carefully are better than 50 applications written generically

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