Here is why you are not getting interviews.

by | 08.03.24

If you are applying for jobs but you are not getting interviews there is always a reason why. So before applying for another role take some time out and assess what you could be doing wrong. Here are some tips on what you may need to do to improve your chances:

You are not qualified for the job

If the skills and experience on your CV doesn’t align with what a Company is looking for you are not going to get an interview. You may want to earn £50K per annum but if you are not qualified or experienced enough for a position paying this your CV is going to end up in the bin.

You are overqualified for the job

Having more experience than the role requires is as bad as not having enough experience. You might want to reduce your responsibilities or downsize your career but an employer will worry that the job is not challenging enough for you and you’ll take the role temporarily whilst looking for something better.

Your CV is full of errors

If your CV has typos or spelling errors in it you are not going to get an interview. This is sloppy and would tell a potential employer that you are lazy and careless. There is no excuse for a CV with errors in it, you have a spell-check on your computer and it is crucial that you proof read it carefully before sending it anywhere.

You live miles away from the job

Employers as a rule want employees who live close to where they are situated, they don’t want someone who lives outside of London or someone who needs to relocate. You yourself don’t want a 2-3 hour commute on a daily basis so be sensible about the areas you are applying to work in.

You’ve got too many jobs on your CV

List the most important jobs you have had on your CV. Don’t put jobs down that you were in for 2-3 months and if you have been working on a temporary basis put all your temp jobs down as one employment ie: Jan 2023 to Nov 2023 I chose to work on a temporary basis during this period and my assignments included …

Your CV is too long

Employers are not going to read a CV if it is longer than two pages. Keep your CV short and concise. Start by providing a short profile on yourself, then list your key skills and then go into your jobs clearly stating employers name, position held and dates of employment and bullet points stating your responsibility. You don’t need to go back more than ten years on your CV, anything before this is irrelevant.

You have gaps in your employment

If your CV shows a considerable amount of time not working between jobs this will worry a potential employer. You have to explain why you didn’t work during the periods, ideally on the CV. It doesn’t matter why you didn’t work, you just may have not been able to find employment, but whatever the reason you need to explain it.

You have a dodgy social media profile

Your social media presence can indicate to an employer how you might represent their company. Examine every social media account you have to ensure you’ve only posted appropriate photos or comments, or set all group social media profiles to private so only your followers have access to your account. Also don’t have a silly email address, just won’t do it for employers.

Your one of a 100 applicants

If your CV is one of 100 applicants then there is a good chance you won’t get an interview. Employers might want to recruit quickly so they may advertise a job be inundated with candidates and choose to interview just the best few they like the look of. Make sure you apply for jobs quickly, don’t leave it a few days or you will probably miss out.

You haven’t sold yourself

When applying for a job basically you are asking an employer to invest in you in the hope that you will turn out to be the best candidate for their position. In order to convince the employer you are worth investing in you have to sell yourself. Make sure that in your profile at the top of your CV or in your cover letter you mention your main achievements and list your skills. Don’t hold back this is not the time to be shy.

Unfortunately you won’t get an interview for every job you apply for, but if you are applying for the right jobs and have the skills and experience required for the roles, then there is a good chance you will get an interview and ultimately obtain a wonderful new position.​

Good Luck

Angela Burton